Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Momma & Daddy Take Punta Cana!

Chris and I went on our first "adult" trip since Grayson was born and actually since our honeymoon! It was so relaxing and very nice getting to spend time with just my Hubby! We went to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and stayed at the Paradisus!
Arriving in the tiki hut airport!
Our room... my favorite part about it was getting maid service everyday! Ha! If only life were always that easy;)
Yep, this dude's my hubby! Hehe, love him!
The Gabi Beach bar... we were regulars!:)
Our first night in a nutshell... we didn't know what to do with ourselves!
Who's that stud?!
So thankful we had the best weather! Pretty much everyday was like this... we were total beach bums!
So many things made me think of my buddy back at home! Horsey!

This is where we sat...
and this was our view!
Chris getting in a little volleyball action!
This is for you too, Gray;)

Night life was so pretty there!
At the Wednesday Market!
Being goobs in our robes, haha!
This was the view of all the restaurants... just little flamingos eating under your feet!
Our suite!
The pool... we only hung out here one afternoon. The beach was too gorgeous!
Riding the little train around!
You ate on water it was so cool!
This trip we also decided that we can't hang like we did on our honeymoon, haha! We were in bed by midnight every night and did a lot of this during the day;)
Miami Vices... getting crazy! haha
The storm a'rollin' in...
On the way to Jose & Michele's wedding!
Excuse all the selfies... this is what you get when you go on a trip for 2!
Me & my Love at the wedding!
Jose's little boy, Joseph. So sweet!
Jose walking down the aisle with his parents!
The beautiful bride & groom!
I love this smile he is giving his Mommy & Daddy... he's so proud:)
Cheers to the Cubrias!!!
Jose's Dad... he is such a nice man!
Jose and Chris met when they both lived in Buffalo. They've remained close even with the distance. Jose's a sweetheart and I'm so glad we got to share in his special day!
This is more like em' ;)
My Jersey buddies:)

Enjoying the last day...
We sat on the beach until 6 this night... it was one of the best memories of this trip! I love spending time with my love!!
But don't think we didn't miss the heehaw out of this little man!! He loved his maraca we brought him!
Shake, shake, shake!!
Showing off his goodies!!
Such a wonderful trip with my honey! It's so nice to get away, but we couldn't wait to get back to our little buddy! This little guy has stolen our hearts and I'm not sure I've ever missed a human being as much as I did him! Haha! Although, I loved every bit of our Mommy & Daddy time... much needed! Adios amigos~

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