Saturday, August 24, 2013

Grayson's Nemo Party!!

Grayson had his 2nd Birthday Party on Saturday, August 24th! It was a blast and he talked about it for months before! He loves Nemo, so we decided to do it at my in-laws by the pool with a Nemo theme! So fun!
Here he is a couple of days before in a shirt my mom got him for the party!!
He was a little excited to say the least;)
I love this precious face sooo much!
And he loves Nemo sooo much!

I love planning parties! I know he is young, but I promise he was excited about all the details with me, hehe! Here I had suckers in pop rocks... "Take a little dip in the rockin' sea!" is what the sign read!
Cupcakes & Ice Cream Cones... 2 of Gray's favs!
He loooves Crush from Nemo and recites this line daily! I thought it was very fitting for the dessert table! "Duuuude! Check it Ouuut!"
The man of the day!:)
This was an orange punch a.k.a. "P. Sherman Punch"
BBQ & Hot dogs was what's for dinner!

The sides...
Nemo floaties hangin' in the pool!
A few dips for appitezers... Dori Dip, that is:)
Little Nemo swim toys were the favors for the kiddos! They were supposed to "save" Nemo on their way out! "Help! Save me from the WHALE! You better grab me before you BAIL!"

Arriving at his partay!!!

He couldn't believe it!!

The best moment of the day! His face was priceless! Makes everything well worth it!!
The dinner table...

A little fishing game for the little ones!

A little side table relaxer;)
This was his big birthday present from the Grandparents!! We love it!
I made these little cones! I was pretty excited about how they turned out. Added some goldfish for a "Fish Food" snack!
Spinach Dip a.k.a. Aquarium Algae! Haha, not a very appetizing name, but it was so yummy!
The Grub...


 Dancing before the party started!
The more Nemos the merrier:)
Checking it all out...:)

The kids got little swimming Nemos for their favor...
The babies got sea creature bath toys...
and the big boys got Nemo water guns!
He loves his Daddy soo much!
My heart right here...
Cheeesin' with my birthday buddy!!!

A.k.a. Hotdogs:)
The sides were, Fruit a.k.a. "Shark Bate",
Pasta Salad a.k.a. "Seaweed Salad",
French Fries a.k.a. "Tide Taters" and "Sea Slaw".
The Sweet Stuff!

Gummy Fish & Sprinkles for ice cream toppings!

His best buddy Kate was one of the first to arrive... Do you think he got a little excited when he saw her?!?! :)
I love it!!
There she is!
Cole is such a sweetheart to his "Gray Gray"!
All night he literally just took it all in... I love this kid.
Such a fun time!!
Ley Ley must be very special, he had to get out of the pool to see her!
He sure loves his Johnny too!
Thanks to all of these sweet friends for giving us such special memories!

Brax! Grayson adores you!!
Pretty little lady, Ramsey.

Love these two so much!
and of course you too Ley Ley!!
"Scratchy" & Ramsey (Props to Gray for that nickname!)
Sweet friends!
What would Grayson have done without his bff Dave at his birthday!?!
John & Johnny Jr. :)

A birthday party is always an excuse to see friends you haven't seen in way too long! Loved meeting the new addition to the Holley Family, sweet Chase!
Little Lucas hanging with the big kids, precious!
Mr. Hiett just chillin'!
Tiffany & Becca, love these girls!
Cameron, such a sweet little boy!!
and more sweet little boys... Hayes!
Ryder & his daddy!
And MORE sweet little boys... Hudson & his Momma! :)
Cutie pie Hayes was on the run!
Love getting to watch our boys have fun together! We sure did spend a lot of birthday parties together since we were 2!! Love you Ash!
As Grayson would say, "Barkers!" He looves his Ben Barker!
Debra & Chase... she is such a doll!

Happy Birthday to you!!!
Happy Birthday to you!!!
Happy Birthday Dear Grayson!!
Happy Birthday to you!!!:)
He's been practicing at all of the birthdays this summer on blowing the candle out... he did such a good job!
Such a fun & special day! I love my little family so much! Never knew how amazing life could be in just 2 short years! 
Finger lickin' good;)

Just sitting back and taking it all in again, haha! There were a lot of people watching!
His Bic Bic!

Sweet Ley Ley & her Meme!
Sharing with Ash, hehe!

Giving some sugar {literally} to Pop!
and Daddy too:)
Ben & Cooper munchin' on some cupcakes!
He's still chowing down! I don't think he had enough to eat?!;)

He sure loves his Nonna & Pop!!

2 of the Williams Clan, Chase & Brent!
Of course he would share with his Dave! He loves him soo!!

The sweet Baileys:)
Uhoh, wonder what advice she's getting from these 2?! j/k
Aunt Ash being the best helper of the night!
Planes, we love Planes!!

His present from Dave...
Dolphins shirts! We are ready for game day! We might have a little fight over that & the Raven's jersery from Meg Meg!;)
Brax was such a little sweetheart helping Grayson open his gifts!
More Planes! He's excited, can't ya tell?!
Blocks! This kid loves some blocks!
and another favorite... Golf Clubs! Golf is played all day long indoors at the Clark house by the big kid (Daddy) & the little kid! :)

The babies hung longer than anyone...

A good ending to a great day... playing with all of his new toys with Daddy!

This day was awesome! I had so much fun getting it all together, but the best part was seeing the excitement on my little buddy's face! So glad so many friends & family could come out to celebrate a wonderful 2 years of having this sweet pea in our life! So thankful and blessed! Happy 2nd Birthday Graybear, we love you sooooooo much!

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