Sunday, November 27, 2011

*3 Months*

I can't believe my baby boy is 3 months old! As I type this a million things are running through my head of what he has done this past month. I am sure I will forget so many things as he is growing up by the day and I can barely keep up! Here's a shot at what all month 3 entailed...

*3 Months* Weight: 12 lbs. 13 oz.

Height: 24 inches

Clothes Size: 3 Months... he is quickly growing out of 0-3 months!

Diaper Size: Size 1

What Grayson Likes: He loves his new mobile Nonna bought him for her house... it lights up and makes designs on the ceiling and has so many fun noises. He just stares and stares! He also loves to conversate. He just talks and talks! He has a broad vocabulary such as "I good", "I giggle" and "Oh wooow!" He is also getting to be a pretty active boy... after lying somewhere for a minute he is over it and wants to sit up or stand. I will hold his hands and he pulls up with his neck like get me up, let's go!! It is also so funny when we change his clothes it tickles him so much up by his neck and he holds his mouth wide open and giggles! Yes, giggles! We are going to have a giggler soon:)

What Grayson Dislikes: He hates burping! He burps every 2 oz. and does not like it a bit. He cries so loud (& sticks out the pouty lip) and then gets really quiet right before he's about to burp... then it's immediately like ok where is my milk!! He also hates the hiccups. He gets so mad at them!! I hate it for him because there's not much I can do! Other than that we have a pretty happy boy on our hands!

Best Moment This Month: I would have to say it is definitely when my sister came in town and got to see Grayson! It is so hard her living so far away. There have been so many times since her last visit I wanted to show her all the things he was doing. I am blessed she got to come in town for a week and see little Graybear! He has one amazing aunt:) We WILL see her again soon!

This Month I: Oh boy where do I start? Well I have for sure found my hands and ever since they have been in my mouth! I also love to stick whatever I can get my hands on in my mouth. I officially suck my thumb now too! And so much for tummy time, as soon as they lay me on my tummy I like to show off and roll over! Who are these people kidding anyways, I've conquered tummy time! I hold my head up so high and am so proud to smile big and show off my tricks! I've also discovered I have pretty cool things on my outfits and I love to look down and stare at them. Momma reads books to me and I love to look at the pictures! I love the nursery rhymes the most because they are short and I only care to stare at the pictures for so long:) I take 6 oz. every 3 hours and sleep 8-10 hours at night. I've also discovered these things at the end of my legs that have some toes on them... they look pretty cool and I'm hoping to get a hold of them verrrry soon!

And because Mom couldn't pick just one photo from the 3 month photo shoot, here are a few bunch more! HA:)I got lotsa leg rolls:)See guys, I hold my head up so big! Trying to be creative..Yay for my 3 month chunky butt:) Looking like a little man... I SO happy:)
Some of my favorite moments;) Gosh, I love this boy!!!My Christmas outfit from Aunt Meg! I think I'm on both Auntie's Nice Lists fo sho! This is the face he gives me every morning when I go to get him up. I like to stretch so BIG! Ohhh stretch it out! Lazy Sundays with Momma & Dada! He does cry believe it or not! One day when I was cleaning the house I put him in his crib to get a room cleaned, I went in to check on him and this is what I found... angel.This is whatcha call full tummy = success. We experienced our first bubble bath the other night and the bubbles kept creeping up on his neck and he kept moving further and further back, it was too funny! HO! HO! HO!Daddy working with me in my bumbo seat... Googley eyes during bath time! GO TIGERS!! Like father, like son watching some Memphis basketball! My heart! This is how tummy time goes these days. Mom puts me here...I go here...and end up here! So fun!Gosh I love this boy more and more everyday! I try to update everything that goes on in a month in one blog post but it's just not possible. He is growing so much everyday and his little personality sure has bloomed! He is so happy and is just pure joy! We had a lot going on the week of Thanksgiving and he just went with the flow at all times! A Turkey Day post to come soon, but for now I am going to snuggle my little love bug! It's freezing and snow is coming down... I think me and my boys (& girl) might just snuggle all winter long!:)

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