Friday, September 20, 2013

*Disney on Ice!*

We went to Disney on Ice downtown at the FedEx Forum! To say Grayson loved it is an understatement!! He had the time of his life! We grabbed a bite to eat at Alfred's since it was right there.
Here he is getting game ready... 
His Disney favs:)
A band happened to start as we were planning on heading over... it put a little delay in our departure. If you know Grayson... wherever there's music Grayson will be!
He's got a little guitar pick in his hand the band member gave him. He was their biggest fan!

Yea, don't judge:) We had a little accident with his shirt and had to put a zipped up hoodie on him. Needless to say he was not diggin' it & this was the result:) oops!
I hope this is not a glimpse into his future! hehe!
We finally got that crazy cat under control!!
Ohhh lawdy! What am I going to do with him!?!?
Nonna got in on the action! So fun!
He finally said goodbye to the band and told them it was time to see Mickey Mouse! Disney on Ice here we come! He walked in and was soooo excited! Just jabbering away!
He got his bucket of popcorn & was ready to rock!

My sweet baby cheese monkey! Eat em' up!
He seriously did not move from this position the entire time. Eyes on the ice & hand in the popcorn:)
He was mesmerized! Everytime they went behind the curtain he said "Oh no! Mo!" (a.k.a. more!)
What a fun little night! We will definitely be returning! I was really impressed with the show & obviously so was Grayson!
Toodles~ See ya real soon! ;)

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