Sunday, September 15, 2013

Round Here...

Here's a little bit of September in a nutshell.
Mommy & Daddy got an adult night out with some of our favorite friends! We tried out Bar Louie in Midtown... not bad!
A little nonsense before church one morning... which Grayson now walks in sunday school with a smile on his face! Yay!
Who me?! :)
Momma & Mr. serious, ha!
My lil' ham!
It was also Grayson's day to take snack to school! It happened to fall on September 11th so I was excited to do something festive! Here he is helping me cook with the butta!
Get in the marshmellows!!
I love Rice Krispiiieesss!!
We made star rice krispies...

and added a little festive fruit!
The finished product!
Gray was excited to share with his buddies!
We've also started a little fun tradition where we take him to get icecream everyday after school! Usually the reports melt me when I pick him up so he doesn't have to twist my arm! :)
After a long day at school ya gotta end the day with a patio!
We also had Copper's 4th Birthday! (No I did not throw a dog party this year, haha!)
I love my baby girl!!
Grayson doesn't care whos birthday it is... he'll blow out a candle any day!
He loves Coppo so much! He gets all mushy and sweet when he talks to her and just loves on her and kisses her!
Please note Copper's head! Poor dog... but she loves her Graybear too!

I promise one is dog edible and one is child edible! Three Dogs Bakery & Gigi's:) They do look just a like... glad one had a paw on top!!

Happy Birthday Copper Top! We love you!!
Haha! And if you didn't know... Grayson does too!!

Happy Birthday to you!!!
He had to help Copper blow of course!

She ate every last bit!
Hmmm should I go for it?!
Yep, just like my sis!! Haha!
101 Dalmations & Popcorn with Pop... life is good:)
School picture day at school! (or so I thought... I put it in my calendar a week early. Seriously I've lost my mind! I guess we will try again next week! Ha!)
Fall fashion folks!
Haha, I hope he doesn't smile like this for the photographer!
or this!! Hehe! 
My lil' stud!
The only other shenanigans we've been doing is celebrating tailgate (I mean football) season! Fall is one of my favorite times of the year! Ready to enjoy it to the fullest! Happy Fall Y'all:)

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