Saturday, September 14, 2013

"Festibal" Fever!

Grayson loooves going to "festibals"!! We kicked off festival season with the Germantown Festival! It was sooo dang hot, but we still had a blast!
He couldn't believe this "biiig dog"! He was huge!
My boys:)
Standing in line to ride the ponies! (or as Chris later thought they were donkeys????)
He loves horses!
Priceless little face!
I love this! I think he loves his daddy just a little;)
Hey buddy!!

He also rode his first ride! He got in there all cool and it scared the little toot out of him when it started real quick! After a second he realized it was fun again!

Weee! Of course he wanted to do it "mo" ;)
It was so hot! He said he wanted to cool off, yet when we were walking out he said "mo festibal" with about one eye open!
and we're out!
We also went to the Cooper Young Festival with my mom while Chris was in a golf tournament! I had never been but we all loved it!
Grayson requested a green sno cone!
Coolest little animal balloon I've ever seen!
Gray loved him too!
Of course we had to find the music!
... and the dance moves began!
Booty pop!

He was playing in his shadow and some lady came up and started playing too. Once he realized it he was a little freaked out! haha!
0 for 2 on the festivals my man! :)
Many more festibals to come! We are just hoping for some more fallish weather! Either way, we had fuuuun! :)

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