Tuesday, December 10, 2013

October Phone Pics!

I know October seems like a century away, but I am slowly but surely catching up! I am really trying to enjoy the holiday season and not worry about these silly stresses that can sometimes get in the way! I am loving watching Grayson enjoy the first Christmas where he really "gets" it all. There is nothing like it! So bare with me if I'm kinda lacking on the blog for a bit;)
Here's good ole' October through the phone;)
This day Grayson told me to go inside they were having "boy time"... hehe! I love it!
We love to feed the ducks 200 times a week!
those curls;)
Picnics are at the top of our list too!
Hot slippery sweaty boys! The best!
Just me & my baba!
Bright eyed & bushy tailed on the way to school one morning!
One of my favorite pictures... eat em' up!
A little festiveness at the Clarks!
Dada testing out Gray's Halloween costume! Hehe!
Bribing him with candy corn to take a full costume shot!
Fun crew after church!
These following pictures are a little glimpse into bedtime at our house...
Brusha Brusha Brusha!
I think I can...
I think I can...
I know I can...
I can!! haha! I really helped him get in!
Park time with our Copper Top!
Punkins everywhere!
And a cute little punkin right there!
So some amazing person opened up a Mellow Mushroom right down the street from us! We visit frequently to say the least!
Gray calls it the peetzie place!
A little breakfast date @ Perkins with Momma one morning!
We shared but I'm pretty sure he could have polished it all off!
He's gonna be a good big bro one day... 1st the sanitizer!

and then the lotion! I love it!
He had his first school pictures and they just melted me! My little ham;)
As I said before... we have a little OCD'ness on our hands! Between Chris & I the boy don't have a chance!!
Early mornin' 4 wheeling with Pop! Safety first!
Daddy was obviously not in attendance... ;) Vol Victory!
This never gets old... Church is tiring!
Haha! Chris will kill me, but he was bugging us so bad about a haircut one week we just had to! Hehe!! Sorry Dada... it came out after 2 seconds!!
Every time we go to the mall Chris & Grayson go up & down the escalator... he could do it all day! It's their little thing!
He plays so hard these days! Naps are crucial!
As I said... O.C.
D. :) We went through a phase where he had to do this EVERY morning and you could not sit on the couch where they were. It was "their" spot. Luckily he's passed it and it's ok to share the couch again, haha!
This poor face makes me so sad. We were at Mellow Mushroom and he was so fussy... I thought he was just tired only to go home to brush his teeth and see that he had hand, foot & mouth ulcers all over his mouth! Poor baby! Luckily he had the mild case and only had the mouth part. It was pitiful.
This was the next day and Mommy had to venture out for sick baby necessities... he did not want Mommy to leave and this is what I found when I pulled up. Still waiting at the door, sick angel needed Momma!
I hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas! Now to get back to my babies, present wrapping & the other fun this month has in store... November posts to come soon!

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