Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Thanksgiving Extravaganza!

My sister and Josh came in town for Thanksgiving so we had a jam packed week! It's always so fun when they are in town... I wish they could come in town every holiday!

Lindz decided to go ahead and bring Christmas gifts since we were all together! Grayson got some fun bath toys!

Getting spoiled by his Lindz with some Adidas gear!

Dada got spoiled too!

The last time Lindsey was in town she played this airplane game with Gray where they ran around the house and crash landed in the floor. It was so cute, the very first night Grayson said "Let's play airplane!" to Lindsey. We were so confused... he remembered!

He also got his own microphone... right up his alley!

My little rockstar in the making:)

Giving Josh his KU blanket.

Just what the boys needed!!

The next morning he started the day out right with some 'Slap Yo Momma' Pie! It was yummy to say the least!

Just a little Thanksgiving Day parade action while terrorizing Daddy with blocks!

Off to Bic Bic & Papa's we went for Thanksgiving Lunch!

Megan giving Grayson a hard time saying that is "her" David. Grayson tends to think everybody is "mine".

My boys;)

"His" Papa!!

Poses don't last long that is for sure!

The best family pic we could get... it's quite impossible these days!

Then off to Nonna & Pop's we went for Turkey Dinner!

Having her here makes the holidays so much better!

A lil photo op on the front porch!

"Look, say cheese!"

He's just like his Momma when it comes to black olives! Hehe!

Who me?!

Copper is always pooped when there are multiple family functions in a row! Of course she's part of the fam & comes along for them all!

Graysons version of "turkey dinner" haha!

My favorites!

I made this plaque for Lindsey and surprised her with it! I am pretty positive it will be the only one I ever make... talk about time consuming and detailed, but it was worth it for the beautiful bride! It's a mix of all of their first dates, special places, wedding details, etc!

He looves his Lin Lin!

The turkey carver!

It was a day to remember! We felt thankful indeed:)

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