Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Grounds to be!

Saturday, November 30th we threw my sister and Josh a wedding shower! Julie and I hosted it and we surprised Lindsey with a little girls gathering at Julie's house before dinner and out for the night! It was so much fun preparing for it! As most of you know, my sister rocked my entire wedding and planned the whole thing. I am forever grateful for her and I wish I was talented enough to plan hers! Instead I'm just trying to do my part of being a kick arse MOH :)

I had her over to get ready at my house with a little strawberries and champagne!


This was right when Lindsey walked in Julie's house and had no idea what was going on!

I love this! She had no clue!!!

Happiness fo sho!

The invitation!


The spread & my "G" moss I'm pretty proud of! ha

Opening presents!

Cheers to one amazing & beautiful bride!!!

I think she's glowing just a bit :)

Of course we had to have some fun with a question game we had asked Josh the answers to! Hehe!

We then headed over to Salsa and met the guys for some more fun! Personalized cupcakes from Miss Muffin'! Yummo!

The main folks of the night!

I had different pictures of them throughout the tables with hydrangeas!

Grayson helping open presents!

Beer & cupcakes! Nom nom

Barker smooches :)

She sure loves her Graybear and he adores his Lindz!

What an awesome night celebrating these two!! I'm so happy for my sister. I know you pray for your own husband, but I've prayed for hers too! God sure did bless us with Joshua!! We love you both so much!! 4/12/14 get readddy!!

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