Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gus the Elf

This year Grayson must have been a very good boy... Santa sent an elf named Gus all the way from the North Pole. Grayson named him all by himself and he quickly became a best friend at our house. I'm not sure who had more fun, Grayson or Mom and Dad. Hehe :-)

Causing trouble with Batman!

Grayson wasn't so sure about Gus getting into his candy corn. He told him "No! Don't eat those candy corn they are mine!" Haha! Glad we got these funny moments on video! :-)

A little ice skating on the "ice day" if only we had snowballs at our house too!

Fishing trip with his buddy Woody!

Grayson caught one;)

He was ready to make Grayson's favorite breakfast... cinnamon rolls!!

He was pumped about the honeybun Gus brought too!!

Hanging from the ceiling with Santa (cute idea Daddy! Wait... I mean Gus:)

Making smores with Santa! Yum Yum!

Notice the marshmallows missing... Grayson thought they were yummy too!!

The goodbye note from Gus. It was a sad day when he had to go back to the north pole.

Grayson followed the 'do not touch him or he will lose his magic' rule very seriously. So on Gus's last day he gave him permission to hold him. Gray wasn't so sure about it at first, but when he finally decided to touch him he laid him down on the couch and said "Do not touch my movies Gus!!" Haha! there was one day when Gus got into his DVDS and it was a total meltdown.  I love how he still remembered that day, ha:-)

Once he got his hands on him he wouldn't let him go! Until next year Gus.. We love ya!

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