Tuesday, January 14, 2014

November in a Nutshell

A little bit of random pictures here and there from the month of November! Here we go...

My OCD child lining up his blocks:)

1st time to wear Christmas jammies! We were so excited!!

One Sunday morning we were all so tired we watched church on the computer, made a pallet & snuggled! Fun memories!

I long for the park days! We sure miss em'.

I do recall wanting to pick up some fall leaves to make a craft... instead Grayson picks up a stick and says "hiii-yaaa!" hehe! All boy & I love it!

Popcorn & a movie @ Nonna & Pops! A little bit of all of his favorite things:)

Kids Play is our favorite place in the winter!

Weee! I remember last year he could barely get in the big bouncy... this year he just climbed right up & took charge! So fun!

Just a little craft for Daddy on Veteran's Day! 

Gotta love a Ley Ley & Johnny play date! 

Sweet buddies:)

Chris & John have birthdays back to back, so we decided to celebrate them together! Then again it's an excuse for a cookie cake!!!

Little munchers:)

He did not want to wear his Ravens jersey this day! haha! What a pitiful face!

Just typical Daddy & Gray play! Crazy boys!

Tongues out for the Tigers!

Who doesn't love Chick fil a!

Because we do!!!

A little Mellowmushroom Fun! He loves playing in the rocks by the pizza man!

We love some park days!

Woo hoo! I'm freeeeeee;)

Grilled cheese & sunshine... amen!

November snack for Grayson's class!

Teacher gifts with a Starbucks card to top it off!

Chris & I out watching the Tigers game... believe it or not there is some adult time in here too! Hehe!

Snuggles in Mommy & Daddy's bed!

My lovebug.

The infamous Christmas card picture! He wanted to be just like his best friend, Santa!

Making Momma a "turkey dinner" equipped with fake corn, rocks, candles & silver baby mugs!! It was delish:)


Cupcakes & candy corn! His favoritest things in the world!!

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