Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Gingerbread Fail!

So I thought it would be a great idea to let Grayson do a Gingerbread house, why not!? We were both excited so we got to building...

Proud Grayson with all of his supplies...

Putting them on so nice & neat...

Notice purple, red, purple, red... he did that all on his own... perfectionist!

Love his puckered lips when he's working so hard!

So then come this. I was helping him do the frosting because it was such a mess... he then decided he wanted to do it so I let him for a minute until he started squeezing it all over our leather couches. I told him I had to help or we were putting it up. Long story short this resulted in Mommy taking the icing, Grayson having a major meltdown... Mommy leaving the room and then hearing a big bang!!!!! (See below). Needless to say this resulted in time out and a big scared face from Grayson. {While Chris took pictures and we had a good laugh afterwards.}

However, I'm a sucker and quite a few weeks later I let him give it another try!

This time went a lot better! Good job, buddy!

Beautiful masterpiece... :)

Memories to laugh about for sure!!! :)

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