Saturday, November 9, 2013

You're My Favorite Deputy!! ;)

Halloween was so much fun this year! Grayson (I mean Woody) was all about the trick or treating and loved his costume! We started the day off at my work playing a little game of inside trick or treating. It was so much fun!
Gray & his friend, Julia, one of the lady's daughter I work with posing with some ghosts cookies we made!
Getting ready to trick or treat!
Soo excited:)
Approaching their first "house".
They knocked on the door and Susan pretended to answer it... too cute!

Saying Trick or Treat!!
Knocking on the "door".
Trick or Treat!!!!! Haha, excited much?! :)
Eating all the goods!!
Pop stopped by for a little Halloween fun too!
We then headed over to Nonna's classroom to deliver some treats to her students! Grayson loved learning on the computer!
Ghost nutter butter cookies!
Grayson handed them out to each student! They loved Grayson!

He told them just one! Haha!
With his Nonna! He loves his Nonna so!!
He went straight to the girls to play! It was so funny! He took right to Ella one of our friends... he knows how to pick em' :) hehe!
So intrigued by Mrs. Hemphill's jack-o-lantern story!
Halloween night we went over to the Barker's house so Woody & Buzz could trick or treat together! It was a blast! Buzz & his Momma :)
Of course we had to watch Toy Story of Terror first to get role ready! Ben wanted to be half Woody/Half Buzz, hehe!
Lovin' on his daddy!
His face!! I think Ben was trying to get the hat back! Haha!
My favorite deputy, for sure!!!
This is the best pic I could get of them all dressed up! Non stop!
Sweet hugs from Buzz!

Glow swords! So fun!

And they're off...
Of course they had to stop and do the typical boy thing... try to unlock a random lock with their swords! Haha!
Candy misson!
Daddy took him to all of the doors... he loved it!
Having a blast! & Grayson was too:)

So sweet! He said trick or treat and thank you everytime!
They loved this little blow up thing in the front yard of a house...
Then all of a sudden a big huge gust of wind came and blew it all down and all the lights went out! It was so scary...

& this was the result! Woody did not like it!! But Daddy comforted him...
and he was ready to rock!
At this point they were over trick or treating (note who is holding their buckets).
Sticks were way more entertaining! Boys will be boys!
As I said, they were over it! Hehe!
Back at their happy place... snacks & Mickey Mouse! (P.S. Grayson looks like a typical man with the beverage of choice, haha! I promise it was not his:)
Getting sugared up! That's what Halloween is all about, right?! ;)
What an awesome Halloween! I just love this age! Hope you had a good one too!
Farewell, from your favorite deputy!!

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