Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cedar Hill Farms

We took an adventure out to Cedar Hill Farms with the Baileys! It was a really cool little farm with lots for the kids to do! I'd love to make a day out of it next year!
Grayson trying to get his hugs;)
Steph's hugs are good too!!:)
She finally gave in, hehe!

Sweet Johnny ready for the punkin patch!!
The Crew!

Little love birds!
I think he could live on a farm. He loves all of the animals and is not one bit scared!
Sweet pea!!
Watching the pig races!

The Baileys:)
Love it! Pretty girls!
His favorite thing to do! It's a must do at any festival or farm we go to!!
My love bugs!
Stealing hugs while he can! Haha!
Me and my buddy!
My world.
Peekin' at the chickens! They kept running right up to them and the kids freaked out! Haha! Of course all the parents just laughed!! 
Johnny ain't scared!
Cute little puppet show!
Trying to steal the pumpkins that were NOT for sale, ha!
"Dang it, I guess we have to put them back..."
Too cute!
Just a-swanngin'!

My little cheeser!

Thank you Lord for this right here... my babies and all of your creation surrounding us! Amen:)

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