Friday, November 8, 2013

*School Snack Day!*

So I have to confess I have pretty much looked forward to doing "room mom" things for my kids for a long time! I was so excited when Grayson started school and there were fun things to help out with! He has to bring a snack to school once a month to share with his friends. With all of the holidays, there have been a lot of fun festive things to do! Our snack day happened to fall on their "witches hat" theme day so we did just that!
I spy a little helper... ;)
I figure the teachers need treats more than anybody... So I made a little happy for his 2 teachers & 2 directors! We love them so!
Trying to get his hands on more candy corn, hehe! He get it from his momma!
The goodies that went inside the cups!
Fruit cups sealed it off perfect! I had to add a little something semi healthy so the teachers didn't shoot me:)
Finished product for the teachers!
My little school boy excited about his snacks! He loves getting to take them to his friends!
Next up, Turkey snack day:)

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