Saturday, November 9, 2013

Woody's Halloween Program!

Grayson's school had a Halloween program the day before Halloween and it was the cutest thing I have ever seen! They all got to dress up in there costumes and sing Halloween songs! I figured the little ones probably just stood there, but I was wrong! Grayson was my little performer:)
Gray & his buddy Coop a.k.a "Batman" ready to rockout:)
Checking out the crowd!!
He spotted me and stopped haha! Thank goodness he kept on going...
Then he spotted Bic Bic & Nonna... "What is going on?!"
I got this!
He was all about his hat... it fell off once and needless to say he gave Little Bo Peep behind him quite the look! I was cracking up!!
Doing the motions! Ah, eat em' up!
Him & Tate (to the right) I have a feeling are little partners in crime! They were the only 2 standing up singing and they are always excited to see each other with mischievous little looks on their face! Ha!

My rockstar!! Such a proud Mommy:)
He was so excited to see Nonna & Bic Bic too! Very loved indeed!

I love you sweet boy! I'll never forget your first program! You blew me away!!! :)
Cheesin' with Cooper!
Sweet boys!
Showing off his fan club!!

 After we left the program Woody had some "Booing" to do!

Then we decorated his pumpkin from school with paint markers!
So focused on his masterpiece!
A memorable day indeed:)

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