Friday, November 8, 2013

We love Birthday Parties!

We have had so many birthday parties to go to lately and Grayson just loves it! I ask him if he wants to go to so and so's birthday and he gets so excited and starts singing happy birthday to them! Hehe! Such a fun age to run around with his little friends!
We went to Hiett's birthday party the day before this, but I'm so sad I didn't get any pictures! Daddy couldn't make it so I think I was a little busy keeping up with this rugrat! Here is Hiett & Grayson! Happy Birthday Hiett! We had a BLAST at your party!!!

Riding a choo choo... what more could he ask for?!:)
Daddy was excited too, ha!
This is Isaiah's birthday at Menagerie Farms! It was so cool, non stop fun!
Trying to figure out this whole milking the goat thing, haha! Lindsey, look at your cutie in the corner!!

The Birthday Boy!!! Happy Birthday Isaiah!!
In heaven;)
"I can do it all by myself." That's our new thing with EVERYTHING!!
I can do it one handed too! Haha!
He still loooves his goats!!
He kept saying "that's not Gracie"... (Chris' parents cat) it looked just like her!
His big buddy Cole! He is like a protective big brother to him! Soo sweet!
Taking care of his "Gray Gray" :)
A huge pig that bites! No thanks! Glad the lady stopped us as Daddy said "pet him Gray!" (Note double up fence for a reason!)
He got to pick out his very own little pumpkin!
Last weekend we had Braxton's Science Lab birthday party! It was such a cute concept! The kids were in awe the entire time!
Running in nitrogen oxide... I learned a few things myself!
Braxton treats Grayson like he's one of his boys! He is so sweet and included him in everything! We love you Brax! Well done, Ash:)
Grayson felt like he hung with the big boys too! haha!

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