Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Go Tigers Go!

Grayson went to his 1st Tiger Football game on October, 5th! It was a blast! He was amazed by the huge Tiger moonbounces!

I don't think I'll join all those crazy kids, ha!
Testing it out, but it was a no go! I think he would have gotten mutilated!

Cheesing with Daddy in the rooarr mouth!
Ready to Tailgate! Typical hot Memphis fall weather!
He had the time of his life playing with the big kids!!

I never knew running in ice could be that much fun, but ohh it was!!
Pure bliss!!
They were playing waitress in a big tent people had left to go to the game... Grayson was the customer, until I walked over and there was half drank beer cups sitting around from previous people!! Haa no sirry! He's saying I didn't do it!! Hehe! :) (P.S. He never touched the beer, I promise!!)
After all that fun he didn't even want to take a nap! Kid could play 24/7! Such a fun day! Gooo Tigers!!!

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