Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kickin' off Halloween!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! I love getting dressed up! However, I tortured Chris enough over the years and now I just enjoy the dressing up with Gray! Don't worry I'll be planning an adult costume party in my near future:)
The first week of October from the Clark's house...
 I figured carving was a little much for this guy, so we decided to paint some pumpkins instead!
He loved it and was soo focused!
I love his little pursed lips as he's working hard;)
Telling us allll about it!
Daddy giving a little of his expertise, ha!
"No pictures, Mom!!" No exaggerating, those were his exact words:( 
The best smile he was gonna give! haha!
I love my little piccaso and adore all of his work:)
We delivered one to both of the grandparents! I made a footprint ghost card to go on top!
I bet they never guessed... hehe!
The finished product!
Out for special deliveries!!!
While we were at it, we made Aunt Lindz a Turkey craft to get her excited about coming in town for Thanksgiving!! Wooo hooo!!
I've done a little Halloween party at my house the last couple of years, but decided not to this year. Our house is kinda small and they are at a very active age ha! Although, I had a festive itch and had to do a little something!
I had a few friends over and their kiddos for a little sweet exhange & pizza!
Oh and what's a party without Capri Suns?!?
We blew up the bounce house and let them play all night as they binged on sugar! Ha, that's what Halloween is all about right?! :)

The next day we went to Pop's company picnic! It was a blast... with more festive fun... and SuGaR, ha!

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