Wednesday, February 9, 2011

11 Weeks, so much sleep!

I knew people said you were tired at the begining of pregnancy, but never did I realize what they meant until now. Seriously during the week I go to bed at the 9 o'clock hour (not normal for me) and when 7 o'clock a.m. rolls around I am still tired! Geez, looking forward to the 2nd trimester so I can get some energy back. Poor Chris has been doing more of the cleaning duties lately because I am just too pooped. Oh well, I hear the better part is right around the corner! I mean I got a nursery to plan and house renovations to do!! No time for this!

*11 Weeks*

{Please excuse that the main point of this picture, my belly, is half way cut off. We were in a hurry to get out the door for dinner and we know Chris & patience :) }

I'm 11 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 11 weeks
Size of baby: The size of a lime
Total Weight Gain/Loss: The verdict is out next Wednesday, ha!
Maternity Clothes: Still wearing all regular clothes
Gender: ?!? Can't wait to find out when the big day will be!
Movement: Not yet, but I do get weird feelings in my tummy - there's def. something in there!
Sleep: Sleeping pretty good, minus the 3-4 bathroom trips
What I miss: My planning personality, I've taken the short cuts lately - too pooped!
Cravings: Let's just say I discorvered YoLo wayyyy too early on in pregnancy:)
Symptoms: Sleepy, did I already say that? Ha! Can't complain!
Best Moment this week: Dinner with some good friends on Saturday. One of them is pregnant too and the others have little ones, just talking about them all together makes me so happy about the memories to come!

We had a pretty chill weekend and bought our new tile for the kitchen countertops and back splash! I am sooo excited! Sorry guys, you must say goodbye to the green & red kitchen {Hallelujah! haha!} We should be getting it installed next weekend and I can't wait... pictures to come! We have lots of home projects planned before the little one get here. I am ready to get on it so I can enjoy the last few months when it is 110 degrees outside and I am very large :) Chris has already started talking about the "nesting" period. Oh lawwwwdy, please pray for me when this OCD husband hits that stage!
Until next time, happy snowing to all!

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  1. Such a great picture of you and your lime! haha
    Hope to see you soon. Much Love, The Miskels