Thursday, February 17, 2011

A week of HEARTS :)

Well, not only did Valentine's Day sneek upon us this week, but so did our 1st trimester dr. appt! It always seems so far away when we make the next doctor appointment and then, bam it's here! Yesterday we went for our check up at the OBGYN. Seriously when I get out of there I feel like I just went to Nationals (for all you alum cheerleaders out there!) I mean talk about every emotion goes through my body. It starts out with butterflies in the waiting room {Chris usually being a chatter box & making me more nervous, ha!}, then when we get back into the room it's like anxiety yet so nervous my mind is everywhere and then the doc rolls in and I'm like ok, start doing things and tell me how we are! I always have to ask Chris what she said after we leave because my mind is usually still on the thing we were talking about previously, ha. This week I brought my list of questions! hehe :) That was fun! Except one of her answers went something like this, blank stare... "Ummm, I'm not sure what you are talking about?" {shaking head in confusion}, "Um maybe that's something they would have detected on the first ultrasound, I don't know what you mean?", haha! Ok, I'll shut up now :) I just had a small question about the "lungs" which Chris said he thinks I meant "kidneys"! bahaha. No question is a stupid question, right???

So onto the update of the appt... first thing, she said all of my blood work (yes all 8 vials, ugh.) came back great! Then she walked over with the little doppler and said she was going to try and hear the heartbeat. She added that she might not be able to hear it depending on how the baby was laying and she didn't want me to get upset if we didn't. Ok, so you're telling me after I heard the heartbeat 3 weeks ago if I don't hear it today do not be upset? Ha, she better be glad we heard it! She put it right on my tummy and we immediately heard it! She sat there and let us listen to it for a while. Chris and I just looked at each other, it is a feeling I cannot explain. The heartrate was 165 so a pretty strong little heart! Chris always makes Valentine's special, but I must say this is one Valentine heart I will cherish forever!! I hope everyone had a wonderful V-day with their loved ones!

Ohhh, and I almost forgot! The big day we find out the gender is March 21st!!! I cannot wait! It's only a little over 4 weeks away!! Might I add that it is on a Monday and Chris wants to do the cake revealment Saturday when he's off work. Haa! Somebody better hide that envelope far far away if that's the case:)

P.S. Sorry, for the post with no pictures, I promise I will get some up this weekend! And also, I realize I didn't post a 12 week pregnancy highlight I didn't get a picture last weekend, but 13 weeks to come!
*A "guess what Baby C is" poll is posted above to the right, would love for you to take a guess!:)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I'll leave you with some words that are feeling very true to me today...

"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever." - Psalms 136:1


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