Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Helloooo, are you in there?!

So it's come to that point once again where I am way ready for a doctor appt.! 3 weeks after the appt. I am pretty content but then time rolls around where I'm like ok, I need to hear or see my little baby! I know that kind of sounds selfish, because God can hear and see him/her at all times so I should have no worries, but I'm just a little anxious! I guess right now I can't feel any movement yet and everything feels normal so I'm like "Helloooo, are you in there?". We have 2 doctor appts. coming up though so I can't complain. Next Wednesday we go to the OB for my 16 week check up and then the following Monday we go to Dr. BK's office for the gender ultrasound! Ah! I must really love my husband to wait from Mon. to Sat. so that we can do the revealment on a night he doesn't have to work! Honestly, as much as I like planning and doing fun creative stuff, such as the revealment, I just as soon find out then and there during the ultrasound. BUT since Chris never really cares much about stuff and oddly wanted to do this, that is what we will do. So get ready for a pink or blue post the weekend of the 26th! ;)
*15 Weeks*I'm 15 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 15 weeks
Size of baby: The size of an apple
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 2 lbs. (but we’ll see next Wed.!)
Maternity Clothes: Still wearing all regular clothes
Gender: 2 weeks from Saturday :)
Movement: Not yet
Sleep: Sleeping good and still acquiring my 9 hours, haha! I know, I know, not for long…
What I miss: Nothing really, life is good!
Cravings: Coke Icees and seafood this week, king crab legs especially ha!
Symptoms: Gots to go to the bathroom so much more!
Best Moment this week: My mother-in-law used to be a nurse and brought a stethoscope over and we heard the baby! It was hard to find and in one little spot where we could hear something… It sounded like the little one was just swimming around! :)

So I don't usually get deep on this thing, but I've come across a lot of stories lately that have weighed heavy on my heart. If you are in the blog world you are probably familiar with what I call "blog hopping"... which is when I find myself on a friends blog then clicking on their friends blog and then I end up on someone's blog I have no clue who they are but their story is so intriguing I can't stop reading and then I end up following their life. It might be a little creepy to some people, but lately so many stories have hit me so hard and I feel like it's God making me realize how precious life is. I feel like 5 years ago to me a newborn baby happened everyday it was just something God gave you and toddlers they were just happy little things with no problems. Well today I have a total different outlook. I remember Chris & I talking before we got pregnant saying how it really is just a miracle to have a healthy baby and healthy pregnancy. I feel like recently so many things have happened to some of our friends or just people I know and it's just so hard to understand. I know only God knows why, but sometimes it can be a scary thing. I don't know if God has brought me to these stories to help me realize I am not in control of this pregnancy or the baby which is really hard to grasp, but I'm trying. I know so far I have tried to not take anything for granted as I realize this life inside me and life in general is so so fragile. I read where one Mom, who's 5 year old daughter is fighting medulla blastoma, wrote that our children are not ours we are only borrowing them for their time on earth. Wow, I've never heard it put that way but it's so true. So who I am to ask you all to pray, but I just wanted to share some stories that have touched my heart and I know these families need many prayers. So if you will, pray for these families and most of all never take life for granted. - Lucy is the cutest little 5 year old girl suffering brain cancer (medulla blastoma). This story breaks my heart! - This family goes to our church and their sweet daughter, Lynlee Faith, was born at just 20 weeks. She was born only 1 lb, but is a little over 2 months old now and is 2 lbs 6 oz. She is truely a miracle baby! - Laurel, a girl I know of from high school and college, lost her baby girl at 25 weeks pregnant. Please pray God brings this family strength & peace knowing their baby girl is in heaven. - Madison, their 4 month old daughter passed away at the baby sitter's house - I just cannot imagine.

and last but certainly not least, please continue to pray for our good friends the Harrison's! We miss sweet Evie so much!! This sweet face is in our hearts forever :)

I hope these stories don't get you down, but God is Good and prayer is powerful and these families need it!

Much Love,


  1. Girl I have been doing the same thing with the blog hopping. I end up places and always find something I know God wanted me to hear. Every night through my pregnancy I thanked God for blessing us with this precious life to raise in His image. I just told a friend this weekend that as much I would love to "claim" Isaiah, he is God's child. Just like me! Becoming a parent is a true life changer!
    I pray for Alicia, Jonathan and Ramsey EVERY day. Alicia's honesty and vulnerability is truly admirable. Her FAITH and HOPE in God are a true testament to His GLORY and GRACE.
    I'm lovin' reading your blog. Keep em' comin. Kelley. Can't wait to find out Baby C's sex!!!!

  2. Hi Kelley, Thank you for asking for prayers for us! We are so thankful for the ways we continue to feel and see God's love and provision in and all around us. I like your cute blog!I will be looking forward to your updates and praying for your precious baby, and for you and Chris. Thanks again for your prayers and for thinking of us! laurel