Monday, March 21, 2011

Name that Baby!

So today is the big day... ULTRASOUND DAY! :) I am so excited and cannot wait to see the little one. I'm a little nervous about this whole not finding out the sex at the appt. thing. I hope that paper doesn't accidentally slip out of the envelope or anything... hehehe jk :) What's 5 more days, right? I have a busy week ahead so I am hoping that will make it go by fast!
Well, Chris & I have officially come to the decision of what the baby's name will be. We have been pretty set on the girls name for a while and had another option for the boy, but in the end we both knew these 2 were perfect :) We used a little bit of family names on both, but seriously as much as we love our grandparents and great grandparents they had some names that were way too difficult to work with (Willie, Imma Jean, enough said!) Sooo {drum roll} here they are...

GIRL: Kenzie Smith Clark
Kenzie isn't family related, but I just love it! Smith is a family name from my Mom's side of the family. It is my Mom's maiden name and my Grandma's last name. If any of you knew Bibbie you know how much she meant in my life! I won't go any further as these hormones are out of whack these days, but I would love for my little girl to carry on a name that is shared with 2 amazing women I've had in my life :)
BOY: Grayson Lee Clark
Again, Grayson isn't a have family name, but we love it! Lee is shared by many special people. It's Chris' middle name, his Mom's middle name, my Aunt Nita's middle name and my 3 year old 2nd cousin's middle name! In many different ways Lee is very special to our family so it's a perfect fit for little Grayson!
So now the big question is will it be Kenzie or Grayson?!? Oh how I cannot wait to know! I know it's so cliche to say, but I honestly could careless whether it's a boy or girl as long as it's healthy! So stay tuned for the weekend revealment!!!

*I promised I would post my 17 week onion pic. ha, so here it is. The bump's a-growin!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! This weather is absolutely gorgeous. Chris & I spent most of the weekend outside... grilling out, laying out and just relaxing. We decided to take a break from house renovations to relax because we know that flower bed & patio updates are right around the corner! Happy Spring ya'll :)

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