Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Me-n-My Sweet & The Beach!

It's back to reality! However, I cannot complain about reality these days! I am going on week 30 and therefore, my emotions are running high!! {happy ones too, haha!} Work of course was not fun to come back to, but I can't complain... I feel very thankful these days! I must say my Florida girls trip was a blast!! However, before I left Chris & I shared a very special weekend!!... Our 1 Year Anniversary! It was extra special and I feel so blessed to have this guy as the main man in my life! He sure stole my heart and keeps me falling everday! I love him to pieces!
We went to the ZZ Top ~ Live at the Garden concert Saturday night! It was so fun! We had never been to one of the Live at the Garden concerts and I would highly recommend it! We packed up a cooler full of grub & drinks, added a citronella candle and some chairs and a blanket and we were set!! It was so fun! We were up dancing by the end of the night!

My lil' stud;)
It was a perfect night and a great way to celebrate a wonderful year together! We spent Sunday doing what we love best... a movie and dinner at (my fav) Houston's!

Then the Hub's surprised me with this beautiful diamond necklace! I had said a long time ago that I would love something like this when we had the baby. Well, his tricky little self remembered and it was such a sweet surprise! I absolutely love it and don't think I'll ever take it off! :)

As you know, I went to Florida last week for my good friend Annie's bachelorette weekend!! It was an absolute blast! It was so nice to get to sit on the beach for 3 days straight and catch up with some of my bestest friends. I think one of my favorite parts was the last night when we just sat out by the pool until the wee hours reminiscing about crazy things we did in high school. Wow! We sure had some good/funny/scary times! Haha! I wish I could go back to high school for a week with those girls - however, I think we realized once again this trip we can't hang like we used to! I actually stayed up way past my bedtime each night... I found it very hard to cut my time with my girlies short. It was a super trip! Here is a little look into our trip highlights... (sorry for the picture overload!)

Bridesmaid's monogramed towels, courtesy of the bride! The girls on the beach (sorry nothing cute about a preggo in a swimsuit!)

Julie, Ash, Catie, Annie, Me, Lauren and Magen
Annie & her mom, we love Marth!
Ashlee has become quite the paparazzi, I guess that's what kids will do to ya!
The Martin's Beach house!
Believe it or not, I got ready before everyone and decided to take a walk over to the beach to see the sunset. It was beautiful! I just sat there and soaked it all in... God's beautiful creation and how blessed we are!Headed to dinner @ Boathouse!
Love you Shmannie! A yummy treat for the bachelorette!
Marth definitely made Annie get a picture keychain for Patrick! haha! Gotta love her! Bach party night!! Our decor! Ashlee's "suck for a buck" ball she made! Annie actually made some good $$!!Me & St. Pauli got crazy! Ha, non-alcoholic beer not too shabby! Sweet little Aven's first bachelorette party! Too sweet!The bridesmaid's (a few missing) with the bride!

Catie, Me, Julie, Ash, Annie, Lauren, Magen and EmileeWhat a fun trip!! Julie was such an amazing host and the woman of the weekend was so fun to celebrate!! I am so happy for Annie and Patrick!! I love seeing the little glow on my Shmannie's face and I'm so happy she found someone like Patrick! Now I am just keeping my legs fingers crossed that this little bambino will stay put until after August 13th. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but right besides her on her special day!! Cheers to a wonderful getaway with some of my favorite girls! Love you all!!

*29 Weeks!*I'm 29 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 29 weeks
Size of baby: The size of a butternut squash – over 15 inches long and a/b 2 1/2 lbs.
Maternity Clothes: Couldn’t live without em’!
Gender: IT’S A BOY!!!!!!!
Movement: He has been moving a lot more lately! I think it’s getting tight in there… I can feel him skimming his feet along the upper part of my stomach. I love it!!
Sleep: I hope I don’t jinx myself, but I am still sleeping really well! I am hoping I can get most everything done before the no sleep kicks in!
What I miss: Nothing really… maybe being able to bend over easily and just usual activities. I would love a good sweaty run, but it’s not so easy with this big belly!! Oh well, I think I will need it more post pregnancy, ha!
Cravings: Nothing crazy, but things I used to hate sound good now (oreos/pimento cheese??) and things I used to love sound yuck (onions/mushrooms). Weird?
Symptoms: The only new one is I’m starting to get cramps in my legs, but other than that just getting bigger by the day, ha!
Best Moment this week: Sitting on the beach day dreaming about what the beach would be like next year. I just cannot wait to sit his little butt right in the sand and watch him explore :)

Whew, ok now I think I'm caught up!! The nursery is in full force so I hope to have some pictures to share soon! Chris has decided we need to have everything done by the begining of August! Ha, I love it - I think he's starting to freak a little himself... hmm how bout that:)

Much Love~

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