Tuesday, October 4, 2011

1 Month

Well, it's official Mommy is not a good blogger anymore:) No excuse, but there is no time! I promise I am going to get better especially since this is Grayson's "baby book", but bear with me for now. Better late than never, Grayson turned 1 month old on September 25th! I woke up that morning and we had a fun photo shoot in his 1 month onesie. Long story short my flash broke on my old camera and I was using my Mom's... I did not know when her battery is dying it doesn't save the pictures. Yup, so Grayson of course was perfect that morning smiling & cooing in all the pictures and when I went to upload them they were not there... I'm still not over it yet, ha but I am sure I will have many more smiles to come. This first pic. is from when he was all smiles that I got on my phone...I got more later that day but he was over it, haha! But I am excited to say, since then I have gotten my amazing birthday present... a CANON REBEL!!!! =) So this little problem should not happen again. I thought I was picture crazy before... well now I really am! I am obsessed with my new camera! Here are some pics from the past couple of weeks! I promise to update again soon... but I hear a baby crying for some M-I-L-K!!! Peace out:)~

*1 Month*

Weight: 8lbs 7oz

Height: Not sure, but he's definitely a'growin!

Clothes Size: Still some newborn & finally fitting into some 0-3 months

What Grayson Likes: He is all smiles in the morning & in the middle of the night. He loves "sliding" down the boppy and doing the buttercup song {we made up} with Mommy & Daddy! He also loves walks & going to the park with the fam!

What Grayson Dislikes: The BOOGER sucker! Haha! Doesn't help I'm OCD about it:) He also does not like when you make loud noises while he is sleeping. He throws his hands up and gives you a major P.O.'d look - haha!

Best Moment this Month: I don't think I can pick just one, but I must say the moments where he smiles at Chris & I are the best. At about 5 weeks he started smiling where we knew he was smiling at us. We both so excitedly call each other into the room, so proud:) There is nothing like it! He also has giggled a few times... gosh I can't wait till I hear a big ole belly laugh!!

This month I: continue to be such a joy to be around. I have my fussy time during the late afternoon/early evening. I have been battling some gas, but Mommy has changed her diet and we have tried all the remedies to see if we can get to the bottom of it. It has been much better and I think these first time parents are realizing it's more or less just me being a typical baby :) I am taking 3-4 oz. every feeding, every 3-3 1/2 hours. I have just started going 4-5 hours (@ wk 5) during the night before my next feeding {Mommy is loving that!}. I am a pro at the eat, wake, sleep cycle... Mom barely had to make any adjustments to my schedule. I went to my first football party on Saturday and looking forward to all the ones to come! Tim Tebow might be my fav:) XOXO, Grayson

Park time!~Hi everybody!@ the park for my birthday! My new camera pics!"I guess he's here for good..." haha! Our baby girl is still very loved:)Playing with my new camera...love him!I love my Aunt Steph! (future mother-in-law:)Me & my baby boy:)Hey Mr. Will!Saturday night, hangin' with my girl!So sweet:)My monkey outfit from Bic Bic! Dada feeding me my ba-ba.Burr it's cold.Bath time ain't so bad after all.

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  1. He is so beautiful and perfect. I love him so much! The pictures are great!!
    Saw this at 7:30am and it made my day. I can go to work and smile.