Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Miami Family Visit...

This past week my Aunt Nene, Uncle Bob & 2nd cousin, Kylie came in town to visit Grayson! Kylie is obsessed with Grayson to say the least and named her baby doll "baby Grayson" way before Gray was born. She loves to help change his diaper and checks on him nonstop... it is so sweet! We had a blast while they were here and Grayson had many firsts. He even went to his first restaurant... Leonards BBQ:)

This is Grayson's new lovey from his Nene, Bob & Kylie. We named him booboohannie. That is what Nene called me when I was little so it was fitting. He loves it already!! Kylie loving on her Grayson!She was so careful when she held him. She worried our rings were going to hurt him when we held him so she made everyone take their rings off. Too funny! Nene & Nonna & the grandbabies!He is full of smiles these days!Us & our babies... yes, Kylie takes a bottle before bed, ha!Headed out for a walk...It was cold this day! Graybear does not like layering up... little does he know what's coming for him this winter! Snugglin':)Our trip to the zoo! The little tourist taking it all in!Nonna & KylieGrayson's first trip to the zoo! I had to get him out of the stroller for the elephants:) She loved watching the sea lionsEverybody loves Uncle Bob!She was in heaven! Nonna taking care of her Grayson :)Picnic day @ the park This boy loves being outside!Picnic time:)Sweet girl!
We all piled up and went to the pumpkin patch~ it was a blast!Our little fam:)
"Hey guys, pick me out a good one!" Me & my boys;)
Photo shoot! I think they were ready for us to leave by now, ha!
Nene hasn't lost the touch!Back home for the carving~ Bob workin' hard!We love some pumpkin carving!My little punkin' pie:) love him! My baby "G" pumpkin!Kylie turned 4 a couple of weeks before she came to Memphis so we had to celebrate with cupcakes, her favorite! The finished product! So spooky~Chris & his silly pumpkin! My pumpkins! Gray with Nonna & Pop...ya think they love him much?:)We had an absolute blast while some of my "Miami Family" was in town! Grayson was on the go and he did so well. He is such a good baby out & about and I am so thankful he loves his carseat, it sure does make it easier! Kylie, Bob & Nene loved on Grayson and he was one happy baby! We already miss them so much! We are looking forward to our 4th of July trip to Miami next summer... but ya'll might have to come back before then:) Thanks for loving on Graybear, WE LOVE YOU!

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