Thursday, January 10, 2013

~Christmas Day!~

We always wake up and do Christmas morning at our house as a family! It's getting more & more special by the year! I cannot put into words how fun Christmas is with a little one! I feel like I'm a kid all over again:) I love going all out for the holidays & now I have a reason to go allll out! hehe!

Somebody must have been good this year! Nice List: CHECK!
We got a video of Grayson walking out.. he squeeled and kept saying choo choo, choo choo!! It was the sweetest thing! He was so excited!
He then went around to each little thing he got and talked about it and played with it... he got a few puppy dogs & just kept going "arf, arf, arf"!
Even took a minute to draw a little picture! I think he really was so excited about each thing... big or small.
Is this really all mine?!
And the destruction occurred... I have now officially put together a train track more than I have in my whole life. Sadly, I'm getting pretty good at it.
Somebody else was a good boy too ;)
Stocking time!
He could hardly believe Santa really ate the cookies?!

Not, haha! He totally didn't get that part, but was pumped for some cookies!!
Taking Dada his presents, sweet boy!
Too much to handle!
Please excuse my morning look, but this was one of my favorite presents! Chris got me Grayson's first year of my blog made into a book. I love it!! It was 350 pages, haha oops!!
He was over it, but definitely the biggest, best gift we could ever ask for!!!

After we opened presents and got dressed, we went over to Chris' parents house for more fun! Santa visited Bic Bic & Papa's house too!!
I think he liked it:)
We are gonna have some fun this summer! Water tables & grills, oh my!
Cooking like his daddy!
He's obsessed with their cat, Gracie, he was so excited just to get close to her.
Opening presents...
T-Rex from Toy Story!
And Carssss, we love cars!
Getting all the attention of course:)

Wow, what an amazing Christmas!! Grayson was so much fun and I just felt very blessed to get to spend such a special time with my entire family. I can't wait to continue old and start new traditions. It is truely the most wonderful time of the year!

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