Friday, January 11, 2013

**SnOw DaY**

The day after Christmas it snowed!! Althought we didn't get a white Christmas, it was better late than never! We were all pretty pooped by then, but I couldn't bare to not let Gray get out & play. You could tell Pop was excited about Grayson's first real snow he could go out and play in, so I let them have at it!!
He does not care one bit how cold it is, he LOVES to be outside.
Ready for some fun!!
What in the world is this?!
Why not try it out...
Hmm.. not so bad, haha!
Hehe:) A litte cold buddy?!
Love my little snow angel;)
After a long day of cold snow, we snuggled up in our snowman jammies! (We didn't get out of our jammies for a couple of days after Christmas, ha! We were all exhausted!!)
And just because... this is my little man after church one Sunday. Let's not even talk about how big he looks!!!

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