Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lindsey's Christmas Visit!

The Thursday before Christmas my sister & her boyfriend Josh came in town! We had an absolute blast! We tried to think back to the last time we spent Christmas together & it was 5 years ago :( Way, way too long! There's nothing like cuddling up with your sis at Christmas time just like old times!
We were all prepared for their arrival at the Clark house...

The only place I could hang stockings this year without little munchkin yanking them down:)

Pretty proud of my little card tree!

We went over to my parents on Thursday to welcome Lindz & Josh... I mean ya think we had enough presents?!

Uhh, Welcome Lindz?!?

Haha! Just kidding, he loves his Aunt Lin Lin & it melts my heart he can say her name now!!
Of course we had our buddies over for some BBQ! Aunt Lindz, Ben & Cooper

Ben, Lindz & spaghetti man on the run...

Gray & Josh:)
Baby Jesus is the coolest toy ever!
Grayson loves his Uncle Joshie!!
Friday we woke up and baked cookies, excuse me I baked cookies... my sister & Josh snuck off for a nap & Gray just ate all the icing, haha!

Saturday night we had non-kiddo night out and it was a blast! We went to Local in Midtown for dinner and then after for drinks @ Bayou Bar & Grill... Miss my sis so much!

Sunday we just hung out and did nothing to prepare for the Christmas festivities... Chris & I headed home to "quickly" put Santa together before bed, haaa we were up until 2 in the morning getting everything prepared! So glad we did it the night before & not Christmas Eve or we would have been grumpy Mr. & Mrs. Claus:)

Don't worry, that's not near all the fun we had! More Christmas fun to come soon... ;)

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