Wednesday, January 9, 2013

*Christmas Eve*

 We went to my parent's house Christmas Eve! Of course it was a blast... filled with good food, all my family under one roof & some cocktails too:) What more could I ask for?!
Grayson was so excited Santa was coming, he was full of himself;)

Aw geezz!

How embarassing Maa!!

Hehe! I love this little man:)

Grayson loves Josh! Now when he sees a picture of him he says "Jaaa" :) 

Up to something!!
So glad we all could spend Christmas together... these moments are what matters most.

Suga sandwich!
Opening one of his favorite presents from Nonna...
His baby! Don't judge, just because he is a boy doesn't mean he can't learn to love babies, and well he already loves them! (no justification here, just a litte note for dada:)
He says "baba" so funny with his tongue?! I think he got it from Toy Story 3 because the baby talks like that? Who knows, it's funny!

His best buddy, Pop!

This bottle was short lived b/c he thought it was his! He had fun with it while it lasted though!
Happy boy right there!

He got a t-ball set from Lindsey & Josh! He loves it!
Josh teaching him some skills!
Future Derek Jeter:)
We gave the grandparents a picture calendar of Grayson... he was so excited, he loves pictures of himself! haha!
Nonna knows the way to his heart, a simple tennis ball to terrorize the dogs:)
He was more interested in the tennis ball & playing with the dogs than this big stash of presents...
Booo!!! Hehe jk
Rain boots from Nonna & Pop! No he's not ready to go hunting Pop;)

Chris got a new iphone!! If you know Chris this is way out of the norm for him...he just got text messaging if that tells ya anything! So proud of him:)
And last but not least!! Gray & I are going to Miami for Spring Break!!!!!!! Thanks NONNA!!!! We are soso excited! It's just a girls trip (+1 :) So thankful my hubby approved & is letting me go see all my lovely family in Miami! Cannot wait!

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