Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Grayson turns THREE!!!

Grayson turned 3 on Monday! I still cannot believe it! I don't remember 2 hitting me this hard, but 3 just seems so old!! :( This sure is a fun age though! Not a day goes by he doesn't have us cracking up!!
We did a little early celebrating with family on Saturday & got him his first bike for his big birthday gift!
He was so excited and felt like big stuff!
His Daddy showing him how to pedal and his large Mommy trying to video (don't act like you missed me ;)
He told me I could not ride his bike. Only him and Daddy because it is for "boys"! Hehe, I love it!

Dusty! I think that makes 15 airplanes at our house! ha!

He was so sweet after he opened all of his presents he went around and gave everyone a hug all on his own and just kept thanking everybody for "all my presents"! I love this boy so much, his heart grows bigger everyday!
Tom & Jerry card from Bic Bic & Papa!
Paw Patrol! Slightly obsessed;)
All the goods!
Daddy cooked ribs, one of Grayson's favorites, and did not disappoint!
He even asked for seconds!! He says "Daddy's a good cooker"! I agree!!
We just so happened to have some poppers from a party favor! This is one of Grayson's favorite things to do ever since the 4th of July. I decided why not add a little spark on his birthday!
Hehe! He loves it!

He's gotta pop them with his foot if they don't pop on their own!
Sooo FuN!
He handed them out and made everyone join in!
I think I was the only one interested in getting a family pic!
Ice cream cake!!
Blowing out the candles!
Yay for Gray!!
Final attempt at a family photo!

Daddy calls this the "trust fall" and Grayson just loves it! I call it more of the heart attack fall ;) 
On Monday, his actual birthday, he had MDO so of course we had to take some treats to all of his buddies at school!
What do you know, he requested Dusty cupcakes:)
Taking after my mom and sneaking a Happy Birthday napkin in his lunch box. My mom did this for all occasions and it always made me so happy! Boys might be a little different in years to come, but I'm going to try to carry on the tradition!
Dusty cupcakes ready to go!
Breakfast waiting on this big man! Cinnamon rolls was his breakfast of choice... definitely his fav!

Happy Birthday sweet boy!
At least he got to make a lot of wishes this year! hehe;)
So Proud!
Yay for being the coolest 3 year old I know!
Breakfast is not complete without his milk & yogurt!

After school we headed to Yogurt Mountain for another birthday surprise! (Chase in tow.)

It was way too hot for this big Momma to go to the park or anything so we headed to the pet store... he loves it!
His favorite thing to do is bang on the window of the birds and fishes and make them jump! haha... all boy:)
This was when Paw Patrol left him a birthday message (Thank you Nick Jr!) He could not believe it and was trying not to smile then just started screaming with excitement! hehe!!
One last birthday gift!
The Planes Fire & Rescue set! Wooo hoo!
He ended his big day with popcorn and a movie! And by ended...
I mean ENDED! haha! I got out of the shower and this is what I found...
Bless his little angel heart! He didn't even make it 30 minutes into the movie.
This doesn't happen often, so I scooped him up and just held him and stole way too many birthday kisses and snuggles! :)
A few more birthday surprises from my cousin, Chris!
He started jammin' out!
And we got to celebrate with his buddies at my work with leftover cupcakes!
Happy Birthday to my baby boy!
I think we had some successful celebrating indeed! I can't put into words how much I love this little guy. I wish time would slow down and he would quit growing so fast, but at the same time his brain, humor and heart continues to grow with him and it's amazing to see what an awesome boy he has become! I pray for you everyday and hope God continues to protect you and you continue to know and love Him. This life is so amazing with you in it! To say I am proud to be your Mommy is a huge understatement! I love you my Graybies!!!

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