Thursday, August 7, 2014

July Phone Pics!

His first day of going potty all day at school! I was so proud! The comment the teacher left was pretty funny too! Haha, no telling :)
Sportin' our tattoos from Bic Bic!
I opted for the wrist and not the belly;)~ it probably would have been a tad stretched out!! 
What Grayson brought me back from his walk around the block with Daddy! Sweetest flowers and weeds ever! hehehe!!
Dr. Clark! He is obsessed with giving and getting check ups!
His mask from Aunt Lindz! He wouldn't put it on his face so he kept it on his head and bent down... this is the best I could get!
Happy Bachelorette party Meg! I always seem to be pregnant every wedding... Annie's, my sis & now I'm really missing out on Meg's!
My little angel after church. He loves to run the hills every time we leave... I love to just watch him and soak in my little blessing;)
It's amazing how entertaining a tub of water can be! Kate & Gray getting into some shenanigans!!

Big Brother before school one day!
Grayson made me this peanut butter pine cone bird feeder at school one day! I love it and it makes my heart happy to look out and see birds on it! This red bird is a big fan!
Planes Fire & Rescue 3D!!
After movie arcade fun!
My super heros of the house!!
Ben & Gray having their normal crazy fun at Nonna & Pops!
Because getting naked is that much more fun!!! These pictures will be oh so funny one day;)
Gettin' down on some ribs like real men!
Corn on the cob! Loves it!
Helping Daddy work in the yard!
I think between 3 boys I'll be covered for life in the yard work department;)
His favorite pillow... my big ole' bump!
Hard at nap!
Cat watching with Copper!
I think I found one!!
There it is!!
Let's Go!!
We sure have been missing out on some fun with this cutie, Lucas! Grayson played with him for the first time since they were babies and they had a blast!!
Grilling out like their Daddies!
The result of a looong, successful pool day! ;)
Hanging out with one of my childhood friends daughters at my work... He just had to sit like her in the highchair! 
He had to come along for one of my OB appointments.. good thing it was a quick little heartbeat check! He did so good and it brought back so many memories of me sitting on that sofa praying everything was ok with him in my belly! Crazy!
Doing sit ups and push ups with Daddy!!
Snack at the sprinkler park! Trying to hit up all our favorite summer spots a few last times... can't believe it's August!! We sure have a lot of fun to come!! This big boy is about to "turn 3 in just a minute" as he says & will be a big brother within the next 4 weeks! Ah! Let this new chapter begin... ;)

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