Friday, August 22, 2014

Grayson's 3rd Birthday Party!

Saturday. August 16th we had Grayson's 3rd Birthday party at the Collierville Sprinkler Park! It was an absolute blast!!

We had water guns for the kids!
And of course, it's not a party without some munchies!
I went with a fun "Splash" theme. All things beach balls, water guns, pool accessories, etc.
Grayson absolutely LOVES to feed the ducks, so it worked out they had a pond at this park! It was such a fun activity for the kids...
And his big "cupcake" as he kept calling it, hehe!
Getting the party started running around with Pop!
Twizzlers & Sour Straws for "Pool Noodles".

Personalized suckers, "Grayson's 3rd Birthday!", for the favors!
The little card attached read, "I hope you had a BALL! Love, Grayson" with a little boy and beach ball ;)

The man of the day!! :)
Donuts a.k.a. "Inner Tubes". Gibson's never fails... I think we had one left!
Our little fam!
He's THREE!!!

The set up...

Cool dude:)~
He was ecstatic when his buddy Ben got there! I think I've said before they are 2 peas in a pod!

We love our Johnny!
2 of our best buddies :)
Sweet friends!
Cooper! This big boy just turned 3 too!!
Sweet Isabella, eat her up!

His favorite thing to do!

Chasing his Ley Ley! They sure do love each other!
The crew!
Thanks to all of our friends & family for coming out to celebrate such a special little boy :)
Scratchy & his girls!
Gray & his girl...
Cutie Cameron!
Little tutu Jennings... what a doll!
Lucas! Gray & him sure have fun together!
Fun with Isaiah! These 2 are all boy!
Twizzler break with Leighton!
Feeding the ducks!

Jennings on the run!
He always eats the bread, haha!
These 2 :)
Cake time! Chris getting him to hold up his "3".

Cheese for my big 3 year old!
It was quite a trick trying to get these candles lit with the wind blowing, but we got it done! It's probably one of his most favorite things to do (blow out candles) so we had to make it happen!
"Happy Birthday to you!" Someone was acting a little shy, haha!
Now he's happy ;)
I love these next 2 pictures... looking up at us!
So proud:)
Happy Birthday baby boy! We love you so much!
And the fun continues... "Miss Juwlie & Ben Barker"
Coop getting down on some cake!

He loves some cake!
Sweet boys! Always go for the hugs!
He loves Mrs. Juwlie!!

Little lovebirds!
Love Grayson's expression... he had quite a fun day!

Wrestling buddies... trouble!!
Letting the balloons go!

Too cute!

Harrison girls!
After a good ole' nap we were ready to open some presents! It was getting hot at the park and this preggo Mommy just couldn't do it there! We had fun opening them in the AC and getting to play as we went! He sure has some sweet friends... look at all that!
He is obsessed with 'Planes'. I believe we had 9 planes & helicopters lined up on our TV stand the other night and they just keep coming! He was so excited!!
Playing with his remote control Dusty from Aunt Lindz & Uncle Josh! They also got him tons of clothes for the Fall & Winter... Grayson & Mommy were very excited :)

Spiderman is probably his #1 superhero at the moment!
Hulk smash fists, so cool!
He knew right who to "smash", haha! Look at Chris's face... they do hurt I will give him that!
Pay back, haha yeah right!
Oh these 3 monsters he looooves!! Thank you Tansey's!


And a flying Superman... so fun! 
Haha! Not sure who had more fun with all these toys?! ;)
He has been so entertained with all of his new toys, I love it!

Silly boy! 

Can't end the day without a sword fight with Dada!
and dirt!

A good ole' bath...
a good ole' Dusty light show...
late night race track putting together! And this boy was OUT!

Only to wake up the next morning and get right back to all of his new toys!:)

It was a successful day indeed! We are so lucky to have so many people that love our boy so much to come out and celebrate another amazing year of his life! Thanks to everyone!! We had a blast and Grayson is still talking about it a week later. We sure are proud of our big 3 year old! Every time I tell him to stop growing he says "I just have to!" and lists all of the things he eats that make him grow big & strong, hehe! We love you so buddy!!

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