Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Nonna!!

Nonna turned the big 6-0 on July 28th, but since that was her first day back to school (yuck!), we decided to do a little celebrating in advance!
Cookout & cake at my parents! Grayson loves any excuse to blow out a candle!!
Then we continued the celebration at our house the next weekend!
Here is Grayson patiently waiting for Nonna to arrive...
Dusty party hats makes the celebration complete;) 
He loooves "his" Nonna!
Couldn't wait to indulge in his cake pop! 

Upside down margarita glasses makes for a great cupcake stand, hehe!
Right side up glasses aren't so bad either;) Jalapeno margs for Nonna thanks to Lindsey!!
Happy Birthday to you!!
Grayson has made quite a few wishes this year!!:)

So sweet!
Smooches for her special day! She might not like the # 60, but I sure hope my life is as happy as hers when I'm 60!!
Yay for Nonna! We love you so much and hope you had the best birthday! You sure are loved!!!

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