Thursday, August 21, 2014

When Daddy's Away...

Gray & I will play!!
Chris went to Jamaica the first weekend in August for his sister, Megan's, wedding. I was so sad to miss it, but I didn't think it was in my best interest to tote my 36 week pregnant self there. So, Grayson and I made the best of our weekend and had some fun!
Here we are venturing out to Target & to buy some new carpet, not so fun but I rewarded him with popcorn and a slushy :)
Then Friday he had to come with me while I got my hair done... the park immediately followed. He was such a good boy and keeps everyone in there laughing! 
My OCD child putting all of his toys "night night" before going to bed. They all must be flipped over and facing away:)
Saturday, the day of the wedding, we decided to take it to the pool and do our own version of Jamaica! A fun day & we all got a lot of sun! My mom played with Gray while I layed out and I got fried. I forgot how much sun you can get when you aren't chasing a kid around!!
We had to make Daddy a welcome home sign! We couldn't wait for him to get home!!
Ready to play in the water! He HAS to have his sunglasses, I do not force this. 
Praying for Daddy to have a safe trip home!! ;)
So so sweet!
We surprised Daddy at the airport at 10:30 Monday night. It was of course past his (well, our:) bedtime so we took a late nap and pulled it off. Once I mentioned it to Grayson he was so excited there was no turning back! He worked so hard decorating his sign with his fireman stickers he has saved since Christmas! Daddy must be one special guy ;)
Grayson was beside himself when his Daddy got there! Geez, we sure missed him! I've never been so happy to have my babies back under one roof! And Grayson has never been so excited to have his Daddy back in his arms... I told Chris when he got home to never doubt that he is loved around here!! :)
Chris brought Grayson home the cutest Jamaican soccer jersey! Here he is being goofy!
He loved it and thought he was big stuff!
My babies back together again!
We are so happy for Meg Meg & Uncle Dave! We love them so and can't believe they are officially "The Youngs!!"

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