Friday, July 15, 2011

Sneak Peek!

We had our 4d ultrasound yesterday!! As you know, it was our 2nd try since the little angel wanted to snooze in a tuck position the last time. This time was much better, but I think because I am so far along and he has like zip-zero room to move you are only going to see so much! Poor baby got frusterated during the end and was kicking my side so strong with a frown on his face like 'get me out of here, I can't move!' It's crazy what little room they have in there. But please buddy, let's hang in there together for 6 more weeks :) He started out rubbing his eyes like ok, ok I guess I better wake up for this before I piss off my Daddy. Haha! Then he was showing out for a little bit and gave us a big smile while he did what I call a heelstretch! Hehe :) I love him so much already! Here is a little sneak peek at our sweet angel! (Sorry these pics. aren't the best, they are pictures of pictures, but it was the best I could get!)

Here he is with his little arm in front of his mouth. He loves those hands in his face!This picture is really hard to see, but if you can tell he has his knee to his mouth and is giving us a big smile!!! :) This is what I call the heelstretch! Sweet baby face:) That's his leg going up & down on the right... told ya he was crammed!Here is his little frowny face :( He had enough and was ready to go back to sleep!By the end he had his arm wrapped under his thighs and his other arm across his foreheard with his head down resting on his knees! I think he was saying 'ok Mom & Dad gotta go rest up, see ya in 6 weeks (or less)!!' (Chris laughs because I like to say what Grayson would say about things, he reminds me he will not come out of the womb talking- haha!)

It was so amazing getting to see him yesterday! 8 months later and I still can't believe this amazing creation is inside my tummy! God is so amazing!!! I guess you never realize what people mean until it happens to you. But when people say he is a little blessing it no longer goes in one ear and out the other... I truly grasp the concept that this little angel is a miracle, he's the best gift from God Chris & I could ever ask for.

'Blessing: a favor or gift bestowed by God, thereby bringing happiness.' Happiness to say the least... God knows what hope we had to have a baby of our own. It was in his will to give us this blessing. I know he has infused this sweet soul with holiness and I hope as parents we can continue to do so when he is here on earth. One thing's for sure we will forever be grateful for His amazing gift!

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