Friday, July 1, 2011

False Alarm!

So you know those 4d pictures I was supposed to share with you today... well, it ain't happenin'! Little Grayson decided it would be a great time to snooze during the whole ultrasound! Not only was he asleep, but he was breach (which they say is harder to get a good look at), his head was to his knees and his hand was in front of his mouth!! We got to see a little bit of his face, but it wasn't a good look at all so I couldn't tell you who he looks like! We did find out he has hair though, so that was exciting! haha! And he likes to cross his feet and rub them together when he sleeps like his Daddy!! That's about all we got out of that! His heartrate was 142, so looks like it is going to remain in the low 140's the majority of the time. We went to First Impressions in Cordova and they were really nice. They gave us a complimentary ultrasound, since this one didn't work out too well. So we go back July 14th to see if the little booger wants to cooperate! At one point they were pushing on my stomach with the little wand to try to get him to wake up, but all he did was open one eye like "leave me alone!!" and then went right back to sleep!! Oh, I love him and his stubborn personality already!! Poor baby must have been tired! So we will try again in a few weeks!

Before I go, I have one big prayer request!! One of my best friends, Lauren Beckman, and her family found out some unfortunate news over the past few weeks. Her Dad, Brett, has been diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma, which is a form of cancer they found in 10 of his lymph nodes. They did testing, but do not know the origin as of yet. He began chemo last night and has a long road ahead. Lauren has been keeping me updated and it's amazing how her optimistic spirit still shines during this tough time. It breaks my heart to see her and her family in this pain, but I do believe this is one strong faithful family that can overcome this "gift" as she has renamed it. I love you Loo Loo, Brett and Lecia P!! Please, please pray for the Beckman's and that God willing he will nip this cancer in the bud! Happy 4th of July weekend! xoxo~

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