Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Grayson's Nursery!

Yay, Grayson's nursery is finally complete to a t so I am excited to share some pictures! {Well, actually way too many pictures!} Enjoy ;)

*Grayson's Nursery*

I love this little blue chair - my antique find! We call this the "grandma corner"... the picture was cross stitched by my mom and used in my nursery - it means a lot and since Nonna really isn't into cross stitching these days (ha) passing it down to Grayson seemed like the perfect thing to do!

The yellow blanket is a sweet gift from my mother-in-law. She had this made and get this, the yellow seersucker the blanket is made out of are the table runners from my wedding and the yellow satin trim is from my bridesmaid dresses. How cool! It means so much & I will cherish it forever:) The bedding - 'Dylan Collection - by Serena & Lily' - Love! Can't wait till our little bundle of joy is in there!Daddy had the shelf idea & I love it!
Chris was freaked out by the random little babies in the frames, so we replaced them with our baby pictures! Ha!
The rocker is so comfy and I love his initials on it! And this little hat rack was mine when I was little... perfect for his beach hats :)

The lamp is from Nonna and the cross from Bic Bic :) Very fitting since "Jesus Loves Me" has been the song I've sang to him since they told me he could hear! hehe ;)
He's ready!!

Grayson we are ready... just waiting on you ;)