Thursday, June 13, 2013

*20 Months*

*20 Months*
 Weight: 25 lbs
Diaper: Size 4
Clothes: 18-24 months
-Grayson repeats anything and everything! I have stopped keeping up with his list of new words because he literally says them all:) even the ones that slip out of my mouth when I run a red light, hehe!! This month he also repeats a lot of the first part of each word twice, like go kart a.k.a gogo:)
-Since he is definitely on the run he has had a lot of boo boo's on his knee and DOES NOT like bandaids! He cries even harder when you put them on than when he fell :(
-My little angel boy has got a little rebel in him too... he likes to climb over the couch and push everything off the ledge into the sink then all the sudden says uhoh, ha!, throws his food on the ground and calls Copper so innocently!, loves to jump off anything... sink, changing table, etc., and he also does a little mind game with Mommy and will say "all done" then when I take it away he will say "more" teehee he's so funny! All these little things are so innocent but he does sometimes get in trouble... the best part is if you ask him if he wants to get in trouble he simply replies "ok", haha! And the little stinker will look you right in the face and say "bye bye" when you start getting on to him! Haha! And how do you do this discipline thing again?! ;)
-His favorite song is "ohhh freak out!" from Toy Story 3, he jumps up and starts dancing like crazy!
-He loves when Daddy acts like a bull and makes noises and does the hoofs, hahaha! You'd have to see it! I'm sure Chris is proud right now;)
-He loves feeding all of his stuffed animals with a spoon or gives them his sippy cup! So sweet!
-Gray is the best helper!! He will say "help" no matter what you are doing and then days later he will see something he helped you with and say "I help". He's definitely a little pleaser which I am very thankful for!
-He also learned to blow bubbles in the water... just in time for summa!
-He sticks his hand out and says "haaaand" for you to give him your hand. He loves to just walk around holding your hand or use it to get you to go where he wants to go! hehe:) I love these little moments! I hope he always wants to hold my hand...

Grayson and his best buddy Jake at school! 

Tried to let him wear a shirt from last year... don't think we can do that anymore! haha! Sorry buddy!
His best friend!

He loooves to shave just like dada!

Being a little character at the Zoo...
Aftermath of the Zoo...
Soo excited to be my little helper!
Workin' hard for his momma!
Let the summer time begin!! Kid loves some waaa waaa!
He also loves his "bweaks".
Primping for church! ;)
Moments like this...:)
Big Wheels!!
Fun nights @ the Miskels!
He loves to cook with Pop on the grill!
Superman vs. Batman
It's on!!
Friends in the end:)
Momma torturing me for summer gear...
Booty in the air!... the best naps!
Cake pop kind of morning!
I still rock my baby to sleep and love every minute of it!

Loves cheese dip & lime... just like his momma:)
Somebody loves going to the Big Backyard!
Daddy teaching him all about his truck...
His first love, Kate, snuggling!... in a dog bed, yummy!

Daddy approves:)
Daddy giving some golf lessons!

Hole in one!
Gray & Meg Meg working hard at the range!
Who needs golf when there are games?!:)
Helping Mommy plan out her week... Park, Wed: check! Park, Thurs: check!
Cheers to Aunt Lin Lin & Jaaa on their engagement! I know one lil ringbearer who is so excited!!
Back at the Big Backyard!
Swinging with Nonna!

Love this little guy so much!
Riding the dog dog! He would have brought him home if he could!
He loves some music makin!
Grayson says no naps! Wake up Pop!!

One of us for sure... "wibs, wibs, wibs!!"
This cracks me up! A cook towel like Pop... guess it felt weird?! haha!

The trouble I was talking about...;)
Uh huh... playing with a ladies computer at work after he was told not to... the face!!

Oh my little love bug! I love seeing your little personality grow more and more even if you do test me sometimes, hehe! You are always my angel and we are having more fun with you as each day passes! I can't wait for what's to come... you are becoming the smartest, most sincere little boy! I'm proud of you and thank God for every ounce of your being! You are perfect to me, I love you!

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