Saturday, June 15, 2013

"Side! Side! Side!"

Sometime I go to bed hearing the word "side, side, side" haha! This kid loves to play outside and when we are inside he wants to be outside! So it's finally his time of year and we are spending all of our time SIDEE!!! :)

We had a lot of friends come over to play one Sunday! It was so fun and Grayson had a ball!
Kate & Gray & the water table!
Ben Barkers!!
Soaking it all in:)

Adventure River!!!!
So fun...

The big boys being silly!
They definitely worked up an appetite!

The crew!

sweet baby angel;)
Grayson loves him some Ben!

Sharing suckers! Can't wait to look back at these pics when they are older!

And of course one of his most favorite people in the world, Dave!
Nothing better than summer nights with a whole buncha friends:)

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