Friday, June 21, 2013

First Day of School!

Well, well, well Grayson had his first day of Mother's Day Out on Tuesday and don't let this picture deceive you...
 Haha! He looks so excited, but let's just say he did not dig it so much! :( We are okay with it though, because it's my first time leaving him besides church so I guess I expected this. I just hoped he wasn't going to be sad:( It broke my heart, but I know he will get used to it and have fun!

Maybe next week he will smile this big ALL DAY LONG?!? Pray for us:)
This sure is a hard part of mommyhood. I know it's best for him and in the end it will be fun, but getting over that hump is not easy...

Sweet little angel's end of the day card. Reading it sinks my heart... he loved the music room at least! They said he was so sweet and understood everything which helped his sadness, but couldn't stay happy! He did not want to do his craft and kept saying "all done"... the only thing that gave me a little laugh;)
I couldn't quit hugging my baby when we got home. We ate a whole lot of food (hence the report above), had popsicles, ice cream & Chris's cousin gave us a hand-me-down so we got to surprise Grayson with a FOUR WHEELER!!
"4 Wheeleeleleler!!"
Just a little excited!

Daddy teaching him all about it!
This is awesome!
My new ride;)
Daddy did most of the work! ha!
It was an eventful day to say the least! Praying for strength for myself and happiness for my baby! ;)

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