Wednesday, June 19, 2013

*21 Months*

*21 Months*
I can't believe this little cheese face is 21 months! He is full of fun to say the least;)
Weight: 25 lbs.
Diaper: Size 4
Clothes: 18-24 months
-Some new words and things he has learned about: fun, ox, octopus, "mote" a.k.a. remote, and juggle... he loves for mommy to attempt to juggle! He can say "ABCD" and count to THREE!! He's also learned to humm:)
-He always says "I coming", "I running" or "I liiike it" it's too funny!!
-He has changed everyones nickname to their real name ;( He no longer calls Josh "Jaaa" it's now Josh and same with Meg Meg is now Megan! We might just have to keep calling them that so they can keep their sweet little nicknames!
-Grayson got his first haircut on 5/3/13. It took a lot of persuading Mommy, but it looked great after I finally gave in! (Pictures below!)
-Grayson's favorite food right now is pizza, a.k.a. "pee pee"... anyone who thinks they are eating some in front of him without sharing is crazzy!
-He has also started calling Chris & I, Mommy & Daddy a little more rather than Momma & makes me sad when he does it, it sounds so old!
-I've always called Gray my buddy and lately he will say buddy and squeeze my neck!! I love him so much!!!
-When he wants you to hold him he says "hold you" ;) and he loves to hold my hand in the car while I'm driving... the things you'll do for your baby!
-He thinks it is so funny to call Dada, Chris and Momma, Kelley. We can't help but laugh so he thinks it's hilarious! And unfortunately when he says Chris he says it just like I call it, hehe! "Chrrriiisss!" :)
-Everytime Dada gets ready for work he says "dada, work, apple"! Haha! Daddy always packs an apple for work and shares a slice with Gray, so now Dada can never leave for work without his apple:)
-He had also started sleeping like his Daddy... with his arms tucked under him and rubs his feet together, hehe!
-Whenever he sees a flower he will bend down and smell it and make a sniff noise, hehe!
-He hates when someone gets in trouble at school. He gets all concerned and says "crying... all better!" bless him!
-He loves to give everyone cheers with his sippy cup! And he is no dummy, he recognizes everyones drink!! And only the "adult drinks", haha! If he sees a beer can he will say Papa or Meg Meg and if he sees a glass of wine he will say Nonna or Momma! Haha! For some reason he thinks Chris's sprite is water... how did he get off so easy?! ;) Luckily beer always follows with "yuuuckk!" so does that justify my mom of the year award?!?!
-Gray walks around the house all day giving us kisses on the leg, arm, mouth, wherever he pleases. It melts me! He also will out of the blue just say "I luuub you!" he will say it 20 times a day and it gets me everytime! I hope he always tells me he loves me;)
-He also saw a picture of Jesus at school one day and pointed to it and said "Jesus, love you!" Proud Momma! :)

Grayson had the worst virus at the end of April and everything spiked the day I was in my good friends wedding. It was awful, but I am so blessed we have the best Daddy in the world;)

"Where's the sand?!"
Popcorn at the park... 2 of his favorites!

Straight chillin!
More buddies at school! I grew up with her Mom, so cool!
Before his haircut, wow! Lil' hipster;)
At his first haircut! Sorry so blurry a little difficult to snap a pic at that moment!
His new do!
His first virgin daquiri at mi pueblo!
Feeding the duck ducks!
Stop with the pictures and let me sliiide!

I feel like he does this everytime we leave an activity... plays his little heart out!

Checking out the Shelby Farms park with Dadda!

Pink Palace with Momma!

Movie & lunch...haha, whatever works!
Sprinkled donut, whatever it takes to get through the grocery!
Gray & the ladies;)
He loves when I open the fridge and will grab anything he can get his hands on. Although, jelly is his favorite! I won't find him for a while, he runs & hides... jelly time!

My lil farmer!
Nonna & Pop bought him a sand box! We call it "Grayton I mean Grayson Beach" haha!

Water balloon fight!!!

One of his favorite animals at the zoon, a donkey!
Dada putting him in with the donkey!
Man to man convo!

I love little days like this with my fam:)
Wouldn't be complete without a Ley Ley & Jon Jon playdate!
Look at those little lovebirds;)
"Tickle! Tickle! Tickle!"
Love these 2!!
First Jerry's Sno Cone visit! Well worth the wait:)
First pool day of the summer! He's ready!!

Too cool;)

"Pee Pee!" pizza:)
And he's out:)
Love you so much buddy! Can't wait for a funfilled summer with my sweet angel! So thankful for all of these memories... xoxo

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