Monday, August 15, 2011

38 Weeks!

Not much to report, but time is flying by! I talked with my doctor last week about her thoughts on induction after the due date and she surprised me saying that she is not a fan of letting her patients go past their due date. I really liked that!! She said if he is "inducible" she might would even take him a few days before. So with my due date being on a Sunday we are thinking next Friday might be a prospective date. I am by no means wanting to rush this. I figure when he's ready, he's ready but also going with doctor knows best! We didn't get in to much more detail, so I'm thinking Wednesday at our next appt. we will probably know more. So yes indeed, Grayson will be here in 2 weeks for sure!! I am so so excited words cannot describe. So for now, I will continue to nest & rest :) ... We have cleaning people coming next Wednesday which is such a big relief. I just am not able to clean good without being in pain so I am very excited about that! Other than that, I think I am about as ready as I can possibly be! Which is pretty darn ready!!! :)

*38 Weeks!*

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 38 weeks
Size of baby: As long as a leek– weight nearly 7 lbs and over 19 ½ inches long
Maternity Clothes: Yes and I am over them!
Gender: IT’S A BOY!!!!!!!
Movement: Still on the move, but definitely set in position! No more flipping & flopping just little jab movements here & there!
Sleep: I guess if you’ve been pregnant before you understand… but I literally cannot move anymore. Used to, changing positions helped me fall back asleep. Well now that it’s a process to switch sides it wakes me up even more. And I might as well just sleep in the bathroom, because I think I am there more than the bed.
What I miss: Nothing. I’ve really enjoyed pregnancy, but a glass of wine to calm these anxious nerves wouldn’t hurt. Hehe!
Cravings: Not craving anything, but I so want a cold turkey sandwich! (Since I haven’t been able to have cold deli meats.) Chris is already aware of my McAlister’s club request at the hospital! :)
Symptoms: Still major pelvic pains, feet hurt bad, over food & maternity clothes and ready to have this angel in my arms! I’ve been a little hormonal at work too, ha – I guess when all you have is baby on your mind and all these people just need, need, need… it gets on my last nerve!! Guess it’s a good thing next Tues. is my last day :)
Best Moment this week: My work buddies threw me a shower Tuesday and it was so sweet! They went all out and I feel blessed to work with such wonderful people! {Post to come…}

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