Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cowboys & Indians!

This past Saturday, August 6th some of our sweet friends hosted a baby shower for us & baby Grayson! The Baileys, Harrisons, Millers, Miskels, Williams and Kristen all came together and made this a special night we will never forget! Baby Grayson is already so loved and he is going to love all his aunts & uncles! We cannot say thank you enough for all ya'll did! We feel so blessed to have everyone there in our lives! I know Grayson is going to love you all just as much as we do! :) I will let the pictures tell how wonderful it was...

"Cowboys and Indians" Theme All the creative decor...

Chick-fil-a lemonade, oreo balls & cake pops... right up my alley :)
The centerpieces - hooves & feathers... how cute!Best buddies!The Millers Sweet Leighton (Grayson's future girlfriend?!:)) The Fam!
2 of my fellow pregger buddies!Nonna & Pop!
2 of my favorite people... ;)Sweet friends :) You can tell I'm real excited and Chris is not quite as amused, ha! The Harrison's give the BEST gift bags ever :)
No telling what these boys are up to! Baby Grayson's wish tree! He got some pretty funny wishes from his witty uncles {above:)}!" Trail mix favors. "Thanks for celebrating Baby Grayson!" too cute!

Thanks again guys for all you did! I will always look back on this time in our lives and remember how special our friends made it for us! We can't wait for all of you to meet Grayson... it won't be long! The doctor said yesterday she isn't going to let me go past my due date so in 2 weeks {or less if he decides} our little angel will be here! Excited does not even describe it!! Please pray for a safe delivery and healthy baby! Love you all! xo

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  1. We had so much fun at the shower!! We cant wait to meet Grayson!!