Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Well, where do I begin on one of the best days of my life?:) It went something like this... we went in last Wednesday night to start the cervidil procedure. (For those of you who don't know - this is something they do the night before induction to soften the cervix in hopes that you dialate quicker).We stopped by Newk's on the way to the hospital to fill up our tummies since I couldn't eat until after I had delivered. We got to the hospital and it was so weird knowing the next time I walked outside it would be with my baby boy! So much emotion and excitement that night! Before they started the cervidil they went ahead and inserted the IV. Chris thought we had a huge problem before we had even begun, because I balled when they inserted the IV. They went in the arm and couldn't get the vein so they kept pushing to get it. Well I said enough, it hurt like H-E-double hockey sticks and I couldn't take it anymore. The nurse said she couldn't get it and would have to try again, really? Well she tried the hand and that went a little smoother. It got the vein so she didn't have to dig again, thank the Lord but the needle was inserted weird and really bothered me. I talked about it for an hour so and I think scared Chris because the IV hurt me so bad. Ha, I am afraid he thought it would be a loooong labor :) However, the contractions soon kicked in and the IV was the last thing on my mind. Right as the morning hours rolled in they got real intense and I asked for pain medicine (they kept offering but I kept trying to hold off, the 2nd time I did that BIG mistake. More to come on that...) But I eventually got the pain meds, Stadoll, and just got one dose the first time which did me just fine. It didn't really take the pain away but put you in like a funny delirious state so they didn't really bother me as bad. About 3:00 a.m. it was wearing off and I was in major pain! So they decided to give me 2 doses this time... Chris was snoring on the couch next to me, jumping in a panic everytime my blood pressure machine went off (I had to have it automatically taken every 30 minutes since I had high blood pressure the previous 2 weeks). These guys didn't warn me I wouldn't get a wink of sleep. I mean a big rarrring noise and my arms squeezed to death every 30 min. plus contractions that were killing me sure doesn't make for any zzz's. Poor Chris, didn't get much sleep either. He was on edge all night and would jump up like what is going on when he realized he fell asleep (he's still did it the first few nights at home) I think it's his Daddy instinct scared he should be up and in ready mode. He was a champ through it all! I could not have done it without him that is for sure! After the 2 doses of Stadoll I woke him up scared to death, I guess it made me hallucinate or something because all I remember is him standing over me and me saying "I want to go back to the hospital and have this baby." and things such as "where did my life go? I don't like this." I barely remember saying any of this and am not a fan of that stadoll mess, however it got me through the contractions. The next morning about 6 a.m. they came and said we could take showers if we needed to and they were going to start the induction at 7. I was no way in the world taking a shower. Sure let me go scrub a dub dub with all this mess on me and contractions every 2 min. No thanks! I went in and freshened up and before ya know it they inserted the Pitocin in my IV. It pretty much doubled my contractions which was no fun. I stuck it out for about 2 hours and at 9:30 my doctor came to check me and break my water. Well let me just tell you I should have not tried to hold off and have gotten my epidural before she broke my water. I was trying to wait as long as I could. I had a friend who was in labor almost 24 hours and got her epidural right away and she thinks it caused the labor to last so long. I didn't know, but trying to avoid that I waited. The nurse kept saying ok and reoffering it, but me and my tough weak self thought I didn't need it yet. Well after she broke my water all hit the fan. I cannot explain how much pain I was in from the contractions. I think I started contracting about every min. right off the bat. I was only a "good" 1 cm dialated at this point so I thought oh heck no I cannot do this for 9 more cm. My doctors goal was to be 4 cm dialated at lunch and she would "be tickled" so we made that our goal. About 10:30 when all went down I finally said ok, Chris tell them I need the epidural and I need it now. I couldn't express how bad I needed it because my eyes were shut and I was gripping his hand so tight I didn't think I could even talk. Going into this I knew people always related pain to having a baby so I knew it was going to be bad but I honestly didn't know the body could be put in that much pain. I really didn't know what to do. It hurt so bad and it was less than a min. apart so I barely had time to recoop before the next one. I was dying!! The nurse came in and said the anesthesiologist was doing someone else but would be in in about 10 min to give me my epidural. 10 minutes seemed like days at that point and I wanted to scream from my room for her to hurry the (bleep) up!!!! Finally she came in and we decided to insert it inbetween contractions since being "limp" was not happening during a contraction. I kind of feared the epidural beforehand but at this point I didn't care if they stuck a needle the size of Texas in me, I would have gone through anything to get some relief. They inserted the first part which hurt a bit but nothing compared to the contractions so I didn't even care. They let another contraction go and then inserted the rest. It was done ah, at last (she made a comment that it might be too much on one side so she might would have to fix it. She better be glad she was standing on my backside because I am pretty sure my look could have killed:)Ends up all was well and she didn't have to redo it. The nurse then said I just had to wait 10 MORE minutes for it to kick in! Really? I should have gotten it way before I did. My nurse was very calm, which is what I needed that day and calmly said 'Oh yeah I know you are in pain. These contractions are strong and you are experiencing full on labor contractions.' Sweeeeet. Thanks for the info. j/k she was great. Finally I felt some relief and it quickly evened out and I was numb on both sides. It was the absolute weirdest feeling but felt so good to be able to lay down and relax. It was about 11ish when I got the epidural and about 11:30 Chris and I decided to lay down and shut our eyes for a min. Considering I was 1 cm dialated when she checked me at 9:30 we figured we needed to prepare for a loong day. I text my Mom to bring Chris some grub since I knew he wouldn't eat and was preparing for the hours to come. About 5 till 12 (I remember looking at the clock) my doctor walks in to check and see how much I had dialated. She goes to check and didn't even get to check because in 2 seconds she said "You're about to have this baby". UM WHAT? I so thought she was joking. The nurse even said are you serious? and she said yes! Sometimes she makes jokes, but I thought what OB doctor would joke to their patient about having the baby when they are in labor. In seconds she said "I need a table" and I knew it was on! I didn't even have time to get nervous. I remember looking up at those huge bright lights she flicked on and pretty much giving it all over to God. I couldn't feel my legs and knew it was harder to push being so numb so I just thought I need God to let me know when to push. Chris & I looked at each other with the widest eyes ever but a sense of confidence came over both of us. We knew we could do it. I panicked and said call our parents since they were totally not expecting this so soon! Chris changed out of his pj's real quick that he had put on for our nap (I guess he didn't want his son seeing him like that for the first time, haha!) and before I knew it, it was GO time! I will spare you the details, but lets just say I pushed 3 sets of 3 and he was on my chest!! I balled, a close to sobbing ball and as Chris got emotional he had this stare on his face I had never seen before. We were absolutely in shock and amazed. They cleaned & checked him and everything looked great. I held him for a little while and so did Daddy. We had our little moment all together and then the fam rushed in to see him! Nonna & Bic Bic were at the head of the crowd and came in balling about like I was. The joy in that room was overflowing! Grayson Lee Clark, you are loved:) We moved up to the 2nd floor room and got settled. I started feeling naucious from all the meds so requested my McAlisters club I was longing for and felt much better :) We had visitors and loved on our baby all night long. We actually got discharged Friday because my doctor only recommended 24 hours and my ADHD husband lit up when he heard that and never looked back. Little buddy had his poor little circumcision and we got our things together. I felt like I was gonna throw up the whole time he was gone. I did not like that a bit. He came back all good to go though! And we headed for home around 5 p.m. on Friday. Worry wart over here (me) was not loving the 5 o'clock Friday afternoon Memphis traffic and I was warning Chris every little bump to slow down. Haha! We made it home safe and sound though. Grayson has brought so much joy into this house and to Chris and I over that last week it's almost like I don't remember life before. Not gonna lie, the first 3 nights at home were rough. Trying to figure Grayson's likes and dislikes along with him not wanting to sleep anywhere but my arms made for a few rough nights. We've finally got him next to our bed in the pack-n-play and our sleep hours have increased! Somehow Chris always beats me on the hours, but he has been the biggest help ever. For instance, I had been up for a feeding a/b 6 this morning and Daddy heard a little cry. He was there in 2 seconds helping me change his dirty diaper. Grayson has brought a happiness between us I cannot explain! We still stare at him look up and say "Wow, he's ours!" I never knew I could love this little punkin so much! I am head over heels and honestly, don't want him to grow any more! j/k I know each stage is going to be just as special and fun as the next. But I am loving every single minute of snuggling and loving and kissing my sweet baby boy! God is so good and he sure spoiled me to pieces by giving me this amazing gift. Definitely best gift I could ever be given!! Ok, I keep looking next to me at my sweet angel snoozing in his lamby seat and my arms are aching to hold him! I can't get enough and don't think I ever will... Until next time! LOVE :)*Yesterday was my Grandma Bibbie's birthday. If you read my blog, you know about my Bibbie. I ache when I think about her being here. I would give anything. She means the world to me and I know she is loving every minute of me becoming a Momma. She's looking down saying 'My little Kelley'. I can't wait to tell Grayson all about her. We love you so much Bibbie and I will always tell Grayson to 'not do anything you wouldn't do' :) One day were gonna have one big party in heaven...xo


  1. Precious story and precious boy! So glad I was able to take care of yall!