Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bottoms Up!

which means... head's down! :) Ha! Just a quick baby update! We went to the doctor yesterday and she did the lovely pelvic exam. Yuck! However, my frown was quickly turned upside down when she said he is head down! YAY!! She added "as of now", I think so I wouldn't get my hopes up because he could flip back... but I'm having faith this little booger realizes his arrival is coming so soon and it's time to get in position!! All checked out well... I lost weight? Sure as heck don't feel like it. I think it is just due to the excess sweat I have released this week! Gross, I know but this heat is brutal! I was not dialating yet which is a good thing. I want him to stay in a little while longer! I had my group b strep test as well and it wasn't as bad as I thought, but awkward! I officially think I will never dread a pap smear like I used to... I mean seriously by the end of this she will have seen it all. Ok, enough of that {doubt Grayson will enjoy that in his baby book - haha!}
I am SO SO excited about our shower this weekend! Some of our sweet friends are throwing it for us and I cannot wait!!! :) It has been a goal to make sure Grayson stayed in until after this Saturday and it's looking like we will have no problems! I feel so blessed to have such great friends & can't wait to share this special time with them!
Hope everyone has a super weekend! Stay cool, ha yeah right! Much Love to All! XOXO

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  1. I am a new follower. :) Looking forward to reading about the birth of your sweet Grayson! I have two girls and they were both breech until I was about 35-36 weeks along, and then they both turned. It was painful, but I was so happy they turned!