Thursday, July 31, 2014


Grayson has been quite the character lately. He never ceases to amaze me with what comes out of his mouth! He is definitely entering an age where I believe we will have our hands full, but he will definitely keep us laughing! Here are a few "Graysonisms" that had to go down in the books!!! (& a few videos off this little ham! ;)}

~If he does something nice for me I'll say "Thank you, Grayson!" His response is "Just doing my job!"
~If I do something nice for him he'll say "Thank you for my blessings Mom!" hehe! So cute:) I guess he's heard that a time or two when we pray!
~ And thanks to Daddy!... He often says "Just looking out for #1!" Haha! He does make everything all better when we ask him who's #1 & he says God!! ;)
~Sometimes he'll end conversations with "Just forget it!" Mr. attitude!
~He has started calling me woman!! I don't know where in the world he got it?! But we've put an end to it real quick!
~He will also say, "Mom, you're a beast!" Supposedly it's a good thing to be a beast, haha! It's quite funny!
~ And the boy doesn't miss a beat... if he hears "Shut up" or "Stupid" from a mile away he will call you out and say "We don't say that!!" We always agree and tell him he can spank our hand, but he never wants to hurt anyone!

*He does have a big heart ;) hehe!...

He is keeping us on our toes and I feel like as the days go by I am more and more amazed by him and his never ending vocabulary!! I sure love him and his funny personality!

"Graysonisms" to be continued... ;) Until next time (sorry it's sideways!)...

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