Thursday, July 31, 2014

**Happy 4th of July!!**

We were scheduled to bring snack to Grayson's class on the week of the 4th of July, so we got a little festive!
My proud American;)
Red, white & blue fruit kabobs for the kiddos!
His red, white & blue attire! Stylin' little boy!
Uncle Grayson, I mean Sam;) Loved this! It was too cute!!
Ready for the 4th party at the Bailey's! Someone was excited!!
Cutie patootie!!
All the kiddos eating cheese dip!
Fun crew!
Cannon ball Johnny!!
Bomb pops! Yummo:)~
Gray, Kate, Ley Ley & Will! They sure do have some fun together!
More sugar... why not?!
We went over to Angela & Stephen's for some G-town fireworks! I cannot get over how crowded it was! Grayson was really excited about the Pop-Its! We got in the spirit and did some before we left the house.
The party don't stop there... back to the Bailey's on Saturday for some more fun! Making cupcakes!!
They turned out pretty cute & were all eaten by the end of the day, ha! I think the kids had 3 a piece... they just kept sneaking them!! 
May I take your order, please?!
Grubbin' during the holidays is the best!
Going in for a smooch! {Please see an upcoming post for the full video... hysterical!!}
Worn out!!
Back home for some push ups...
& more pop-its!
The night we did these Daddy was at work so he saved 2 boxes the entire weekend "to do with Daddy!" It was so sweet. He didn't want Daddy missing out on the fun... he sure loves him!! He has asked to do these multiple time since... I told him we have to wait until the next 4th of July! Such a  fun weekend! The 4th is one of my favorite holidays for sure!!

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