Monday, July 21, 2014

*Memorial Day Weekend!*

We started Memorial Day weekend out with some backyard sprinkler fun!

He kept wanting to use it as a hose so we eventually just took the sprinkler off and he sprayed everything with the hose, ha!

Makes for a good water fountain too;)

We went to our first Redbirds game of the year! It was fun... we decided to sit in the bluff area and bring a blanket, but with all of the kids games, rides, etc. we didn't do much sitting!! 
Trying to keep him still with some popcorn!

Sunday we went over to my parents for some fun festivities! Me & my little American Boy:)~
My sweet cheeks!
A fun & yummy treat I made! Gray kept saying I want the strawberries with the "sugars"! hehe!
It's not a Hemphill Partay without a festive spread!!
My lil' water boy!

Nonna always has all the fun things ready for him!!
Ring head :)~
My virgin cocktail;) yummo!
Grayson's quite a fan of them too!!
He loooves his strawberries and a little white chocolate never hurts either!
Always a fun time at Nonna & Pop's!! :)

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