Friday, July 25, 2014

*June Fun & Father's Day!*

Here's a little hodgepodge of all of the fun we had in June!
Grayson & Daddy styling before church! I love that he can wear little outfits that remind me of Chris now that he's older. They both sure have my heart!!
And I think this little one has somebody else's heart too:)
Our little family of 4 ;)
Gray loves him some Levitt Shell concerts!
Dancing the night away...

I love nights when he's Daddy's biggest fan. He only wants him and wants him to do everything with him... melts my heart to watch!

Glow stick swords!

On to some fun @ Bic Bic & Papa's pool!
My little fish!!

Copper is so protective when he jumps in! Sweet girl!

Giving Papa his Father's Day gift!
He sure loves his Papa!!
Pop gets presents too!!
Showing him where his surprise was... a back extender thing?! I dunno... Pop was excited!!
3 Generations... love these men!
Always the drama king;)
Happy Father's Day!!! So thankful for each of you! Truly blessed!
Meg Meg & her Daddio!
Another 3 generations... wow, God sure is good! :)
XO, Daddy! I love you!!

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